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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maggie_d, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Hi everyone I really need to vent. At work yesterday I was bombarded from all sides with requests, and I felt like I was going to explode, to the point of wanting to just get up and walk out. I can't answer more than one question at a time anymore and like to finish one task at a time. This coming from a person who always did ten things at a time. I don't want to talk about my illness at work, I did tell my boss after my diagnosis, but that was the last it was mentioned. I only want understanding not coddling.

    Anyone have any suggestions on educating in the workplace. I need some coping tips.

    Thanks for listening,
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    like yours, but fortunately, my job now is part-time and fewer responsibilities. I am a secretary for a college. However, I still have times when it gets pretty busy here. I take notes if several people come to me at once and want something. Otherwise, it's too easy for me to forget. I, too, have problems with having to work on several things at once. I guess writing things down is the only suggestion I have.

    I only work mornings, but am entitled to take a 15 minute break. I never skip breaks. I take a pillow into the break room and lay down on the davenport (some days I have to be really careful not to fall asleep!).

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    In a position such as yours, it may seem you have too many bosses and each person thinks their request is a top priority. Just an idea...

    It may be a help if you ask your immediate boss to create a more formal approach for people to request your assistance. If people have to fill out a form and have it approved before they ask you to do something, you may find they do some of the small things for themselves rather than go through the hassle of filling out a form.

    This is what we did at my office (when I worked) because the executive assistant was run ragged trying to keep everyone happy. This may not be feasible in your workplace but it worked well in our office.

    As for education about fibromyalgia you may want to look into organizing a presentation to coincide with fibromyalgia awareness day in May or leave some brochures about FMS for people to read.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Thank you everyone for your tips and support. Thankful the weekend is here with time to recharge. Hopefully next week won't be as hectic.

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    I know just how you feel, Maggie.

    I have had a very hard week at work. I work at a Bank & it was month end & we also have examiners coming in on Monday & had to get ready for that.

    Yesterday I had to pick up very heavy buckets of files & get them organized. This morning I woke up late & feeling like I had been ran over by a truck. I called my boss to tell her I was running late. As soon as I told her, I just woke up & I was hurting all over (I guess she thought I was not coming in) she said, "Today is not the day". Man that really made me mad. I told her, that I was coming in, I was just running late. Then when I got to work, it was hurry hurry hurry. After a couple of hours of this, I almost lost it. I started to cry & then composed myself & finally made it through the day.

    I sure am glad this week is over.

    Thanks for letting me vent, too.