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    Thank you guys for this forum it really helps; I got another question. I work part-time but my job takes a toll on me (lots of job responsibilities and movements; including lifting). I did work full time but it got so hard I quit for 3 months (couldn't find a job) and went back part-time there.
    I am considering a different job but full-time and I'm worried I won't be able to perform to 'work' capacity full time. Although the job will be easier on my body (less walking, little to no lifting) it's a legitimate concern (secretarial work).
    If I cannot do full time work I can go back substitute teaching next year (August) and make more money than I am making part-time now. I love my job but I have asked for some duties to be taken off of me and it isn't done. They know about my fibro/myofasical but since I work in healthcare now; everyone has a problem! (And I'm thankful I am working please don't get me wrong).

    Any advice/suggestions?
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    It's a tough delima! I work a lot and it takes a lion's share of energy.

    I was fortunate enough to find almost full-time work with flexible hours. If I am having a bad day, it's possible to switch things around and work hours another day.

    Go for the situation that taxes you the least and allows you to work the most on your recovery. Recovery is possible but it's a lot of work. good luck!
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