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  1. laurar

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    Hi, Are most people with Fm on this message board still able to work at full time jobs. I had posted a message earlier today, some information on how I came to get DD with FM maybe I write it again tommrow, don't know what happen to it? Laura
  2. JP

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    I am not working at this time. I have a chronic persistant pain problem, Hashimoto's and FM as s secondary condition.

    sorry you lost your post...I have had that happen once before.

    take care,

  3. Susan07

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    I am 51 and still able to work full time. During this year had major flare and cut back to 35-40 hours a week. Have already missed 4 days this year. As much as I've been out the 12 previous years total.

    I worked 80 hours a week for 6 years until about 6 years ago. Thought I was going to die during those long hours, had boss from hell (I was a wimp and didn't stand up for myself!). Even drove myself to the hospital twice "after work".

    Have had FM for probably 20 years, maybe even most of my life - I just can't remember! LOL I would love to just stop working, I am so tired and in so much pain. Sometimes the work keeps my mind occupied so I don't think about the pain - not as much as it use to though.
  4. jadibeler

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    I haven't been able to work at a "regular" job for about 7 years. By regular, I mean be somewhere at a certain time and stay until a certain time. I just never know from one day to the next how I'm going to feel or at what point during the day I'm going to crash.

    But the main problem - and this almost lost me several jobs when I did work - is that I can't remember what I'm told to do, to give the boss his messages, where I put things, follow directions, keep my mind on my task.

    My mind has a mind of it's own, just kicks out there into the ozone whenever it wants to and I'm no longer there. I've had this problem since high school and it's a wonder I passed any tests!

  5. dolsgirl

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    It probably already rolled over to page 2 or 3. Lots of new posts get posted & when a new one comes on another rolls to the next page. If the topic title is too long, more than a short sentence, it'll make a post roll to the next page also.

    I've been back working full time for a month, but it's been extremely difficult. My last job I had to quit because of fibromyalgia. It's starting to scare me that I actually cannot do what I used to be able to do. dolsgirl
  6. JQP

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    Diagnosed again while doing degree (1998 aged 43) and during final year worked 30 hours alongside. Left and did full time but with irregular hours which I could do because could catch up sleep and rest in am because might not start until 3, 4, 5 or 6. When did long day of 10 until 10, then rested for whole of next day.

    Took regular job on understanding that couold be flexible with start time because of FM, but as new line manager and rules changed needed to be in by 8.15. Some weeks worked up to 48 hours, and had school holidays to recuperate so I thought, but ended up working and moving home over 6 week summer.

    November in hospital for what fortunately turned out to be stress, got part time job of only 22.5 hours, but the work and the heat in the workplace got ill again and went of sick in May withback pain. Lost job when doc changed it to depression.

    Now don't know what to do. Am applying for benefits, if get them will be able to not worrying so much and give myself time to heal again. But really worried won't get and will have to work - Peter's wage too low to keep going, debts are mounting. But really scared how long I will last before I crash again. The gaps of good are getting shorter and shorter.

    But it felt good to work full time. I felt part of society again, and not on the outside. I felt I contributed something and was acceptable. So if you can do Laura, do it. If you can't then, your full time work becomes you.

    Love to all
  7. averilpam

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    I'm 53 and still working full time. I live alone so no other income to pay the rent, bills etc.

    I'm off sick at the moment having had a really bad flare recently, following my last trip to the USA. I think the flights were the last straw having been stressed and working flat out for ages.

    I'm also awaiting gall bladder surgery, but hoping to go back to work soon, see how I get on. I'm hoping to decrease my hours a bit, or at least get them shuffled round to make it easier to cope. I have to be on my feet most of the day as I work in retail, which is sooooo tiring.

    My problem currently is more with fatigue than pain - fortunately my pain level is not as bad as many I've encountered here - just hope it stays that way!
  8. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I am 52 and also working. I have a part-time job. At first it was 20 hours a week, but due to circumstances in my office, I now work about 30 hours, more or less. I start work at 9:00 and usually leave around 3:00. My job in and of itself it not very stressful - I'm a legal secretary, but I do very specific work and it's all typing. I don't answer phones or plan meetings, etc. I used to do that and it is very stressful. So I'm hoping to keep this job until I can retire. I don't think I could work full-time (40 hours or more). I usually get very tired and dopey by 3:00 and can't do much more than that. Part-time is the best solution for me!

  9. IntuneJune

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    Yes, 24 hours a week.

    I did respond to another post from you, Laura---is that the one you were refering to you lost?

    Try the search message box at the top of the page, type in your name as it appears on your post, every one your posts will be listed. Click on the post you wish to review.

  10. tandy

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    I quit my job awhile back with hope to return in 6 weeks.(I left for maternity leave)When the time came I was flaring so awful.....and well,I never got better. My DD(FM) has progressed alot over the last 2-3 years.My pain level is mostly at around 8 daily.With the foggy brain and IBS to boot!! I sure hope to return some day, part time~
    I really miss being productive!! and earning my living.
    I'm on SSI since 1996.Barely getting by financially.
    Hope this helped some :)
  11. Kim

    Kim New Member

    I'm a college professor. I have Summers off, thank goodness. I missed three months this year because of dizziness and depression. I missed almost a year in 1999 when all this started. I'm not doing great now and pray that I feel better by August.
  12. bitter-sweet

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    I haven't been able to work, and have recently lost a job to go back to. My employer was very supportive, and our contract was changed to extend my sick leave, but the contract eventually dictated my termination. Not being able to work has been my biggest stressor. I really loved my job as a nurse. I'm starting to cry as I type this...such a loss to me. My kids will both be in college this fall, so I always pictured myself working even more to pay for it...and I wouldn't have even minded. I'm currently awaiting a trial date for disability. This may take up to a year. Thank God my husband has a decent job.
  13. Mrs. B

    Mrs. B New Member

    on disability leave since April. I have decided that I can't continue to do that job and was debating about SSDI since I could think of no other job that would be flexible with all my quirks. Fortunately, a company I used to work for had commented to my husband that I had been the most efficient employee they have ever had so, we are negotiating my working part time with flex hours. They are understanding that I may need to call in sick more than I had to in the past and that some days I may not be my usual helpful self but, we all have hope that I will be able to work back up to full time. I feel so blessed that they are willing to take a chance on me and it's encouraging to know they will let me work at my pace until I can hopefully work myself back to as normal as I had been. I pray that all of on this board are blessed with the opportunities that we need to get back to our normal lives.

  14. Chelz

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    Hi Laura, Up until a year ago, I was working two jobs (crazy, crazy, LOL). I worked at a real estate company full time and part time at a drug store. Loved the part time job, but had to give it up because my body couldn't take it. I kept the full time job for the benefits only. I worked a total of about 55 hours a week. My body finally gave up, and I was even having trouble keeping my full time job even though I quit the part time one. Now, I'm still looking. Every job in the paper seems like I wouldn't be able to handle it, of course, my family thinks I'm too negative and that's my REAL problem. There's so much to battle with these DD's. Hugs, Chelz.
  15. stillfighting

    stillfighting New Member

    Currently, I'm working full time, but have been thinking about applying for disability. I am in a government job, great boss, telecommuting 2x per week (or more if needed), and still am having terrible problems with concentration and fatigue. Imagine trying to do a job where you have to solve problems and play mental chess all day--LOL!

    Some days are better than others, but for the past year, I've been limiting myself to routine tasks that don't take much thought. Basically, I am not pulling my load, and all those years of doing more than my share doesn't make up for this.

    Even if I do decide to quit working in my current career, I know I would have to do something so as not to go crazy. I won't be making the same kind of money I do now, but my disability retirement plan is fairly generous, and allows for some income supplementation. But I would give anything not to be forced into this kind of decision!
  16. luv2float

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    wow,is this ever a sore subject. I had the same career for 25 years, then got laid off after I had been out for 6 weeks. They worked with me awhile (pc at home) but they really wanted me to be more visable! I've had IBS since I can remember, and was just recently diag w/fibro. It's been almost 3 years since I haven't worked, the stress really does me harm. I would love to have my life back, was making good money. I'm finally starting the disability route, wish me luck.
  17. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    I have been out of work since October 02. I applied for disability this Spring, and received my denial letter 2 days ago. I am 25, and they said that my age what the bigges reason for my denial!!! What discrimination!!!

    So, I have no choice but to go back to work. I cannot wait to hire a lawyer and wait another couple of years before I can be approved!

    I do not know what I am going to do. I cannot do anything where I am going to have to stand. But I cannot sit for a long time either. I guess that a part time office job will be my only option at this point.

    Wish me luck!