Worked Around Deer For 25 years

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    I was supposedly tested for Lymes over 1 year ago for the first time by a first year practice Rheumy ( several months actually ) and he said it came up negative.

    But I have always wanted another test, especially as I have worked outdoors for 25 years and all I keep reading is how so many of these first tests miss this. But this young Rheumy would never do this again.

    Flat out...said "NO!"

    Now, I am wanting this again, but no local doctor will prescribe this because of that one year old test being negative.

    I have posted on the fibro board many times. 1 and 1/2 years ago my immune system went nuts and crashed and I have lived a tortured life ever since. Personally I think the super powerful broad spectrum antibiotic Levaquin they gave me for one week starting in our local ER in December, 2005 triggered all this.

    Especially when my electrolytes were out of whack before they gave me this stuff ( called the "Big Gun" by docs and nurses it is so powerful ) as I had a flu for 3 days prior and was fainting.

    The mmaker of Levaquin "Ortho- McNeil" products complaint department person told me when I called to complain about their antibiotic perhaps wrecking my tendons and intestinal tract..said that my ER doc should have "never given me this antibiotic when my electrolytes were out of balance like they were."

    Great, "now" they tell me this. And the ER docs don't even know this?

    No lawyer will touch my case however because I didn't die.
    I've called 100 to 150 of them, not one. And the statute of limitations is probably over by now anyway. I'm just stuck for the rest of my life with this pain and weakness and damage I guess.

    But I also wonder about Lymes.

    I worked for 25 years as a gardener in an area crawling with deer. Central coast of California. Every day I was practically rolling in bushes and weeds and trimming trees, shrubs and grass. I've pulled 100's of ticks out of my hair and off my body in those years.

    I have heard that Lymes wasn't prevalent or maybe not even existant in this area. I don't know if this is true, But I certainly must have had hundreds of ticks on me in all those years.

    I certainly had enough other bites including spider bites to remember. Once even some black widow bites from carrying clay pots with curled down tops that a lady brought in from Bakersfield.

    I remember my arms itching and seeing these weird circles of red dots on my forearms ( like a milky way galaxy circle ) and did they itch. Then my throat started to feel kind of tight after about 20 mintues to half an hour and I was feeling heavy pulsing in my temples and kind of passing out feeling and my heart was racing.

    Against everyone's down-playing and inferences that I was a man and shouldn't act so worked up over this ( this was by women, like my wfe and mom and ex-sister-in-law ! ) but when I got to the ER they said I was lucky. A spider doctor happened to be in the hospital that day.

    He came in and took one look at my forarms and said " black widow, probably a lot of small ones that crawled up my sleeves.

    He gave me a tetanus shot, steroids and something else.

    I asked what would have happened if I didn't come in and he said I probably would have broken out in hives and had trouble breathing. From my symptoms he said that this black widow poison was having a "neuro-toxic" effect, hence the weird feelings in my temples.

    Anyway, drifting off of the Lymes concern.

    Even before I got this crippling whatever it is 15 months ago...I was feeling some of the symptoms described by others with Lymes. Someday, some doctor is going to get me in touch with the Western Blot. Or if I ever break out of this $60,000 massive crushing debt from not working all this time and no disability, maybe I can pay for another test myself.
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    There are some here on this board who have I thinkk posted a name of a doctor in northern California, perhaps do a search up above.

    Next to that, the best place to go to find a 'LLLMD" (lyme-literate MD) is the lyme net flash site and post in the section about finding a good doctor. It is a tremendous resource.

    There is a great doctor in Washington State that Jar-Jar goes to and who was ill herself, I can only remember her by her user name when she used to post here, but Jar-Jar can give you her name if you can travel that far - and/or do a search here and on the CF/FM board.

    Many Lyme pts do have to travel... we live in Georgia and take our son 200 miles (1-way) to NC... and I know my son's doctor has had pts from all 48 states plus Europe.

    And the likelihood is if you have Lyme, you have one or more other tick-borne diseases like erlichiosis, babesia, bartonella, to name just 3. Or just one or more of them.

    Hope this helps. So many previously dx'd with CF/FM, arthritis, and other 'autoimmune diseases' have been found to have Lyme and/or other associated tick diseases...

    All the best,

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    The nightmare never ends!

    I will check on the docs you mentioned. Thanks from down south.

    I will also now check the symptoms of these other tick born diseases.
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    I am watching a friends dog for the week so they could go on vacation.

    Today I took this dog down the coast near Big Sur California and we walked on a trail and into some short brush ( mostly native sage and something called Ginesta )next to the cliffs over looking the ocean. I found a little clearing and sat down with this dog for 20 minutes and leaned back on my elbows for half that time.

    The sun was out and it was slightly windly but pleasant and everything is a lush green. The tick population must simply be exploding down there!

    But when I got home I couldn't believe it. For the first time in years I was loaded with ticks!
    I can imagine what the dog picked up!

    I am washing him down and inspecting him tomorrow.

    But I was feeling things crawl around in my scalp after I got home. I ran my fingers through my hair and picked out 4 ticks and found one crawling on my shoulder skin underneath my shirt!

    Can these ticks jump off the dog and onto our carpets and couches and us?

    I hope a good shower and bath for the dog gets most of these to drwon or something.
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    Who pops in from time to time lives in North of the Bay area and he has lyme.

    We lost a fantastic LLNPRN from Austin who had to leave the state due to the powers that be going after lyme docs and RN's.

    She is practicng in SFO with the infamous Dr. Striker in Union Square area.

    Dr. Striker is impossible to get into to see but Ginger the LLNPRN should be able to see you. They both use the same types of treatment.

    The majority of fm/cfs patients turn up with lyme after having an Igenex test taken since they are more sophisticated.
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    If there ever was a candidate to get Lyme it's you. Drop that Rheumy Quick get to a LLMD Quick get tested Quick. Go to Quick!!!
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    Studies have shown that sitting in the brush, on logs, leaning against trees, etc., are the best ways to pick up ticks... and yes of course they can migrate from your dog to you... and be crawling around your house.

    Hope you can vacuum and mop really really well after you give your dog a bath, and don't forget to get your car cleaned inside as well. Next time follow all the precautions - wear long sleeves, long pants, socks, and spray your clothes with DEET or similar.

    And I hope you find a good LLMD really fast!

    all the best,

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    I too had DR's say there were no Lyme disease around me but I found people who have it here in Mi.

    Si I ordered a kit on line from Igenix, it is free and found a young PA and he was happy to do a little blood letting then I took it and shipped it out for him.

    I too have been around deer and nature all my life and wanted to rule out everything I can as I have fibro/fatigue.

    I didn't even have to send payment with the test kit as they bill medicare for it and I should get my results this week. So it might not be as hard to get tested as DR's are seeing more of it. Stay away from those ticks my friend:))))
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    Please let us know what your results are! I would be very intereted to know.

    Good luck!