working and being on strong pain meds

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  1. dolfenn43

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    Im working 32 hours a wk. and on fentanyl patch and a timed release morphine pill 2 times a day. I dont want to work anymore than 15-20 hours a wk. Its just to hard. Because the work doesnt stop there. I hate the way my house looks, messy and always behind on everything.
    My husband wants me to work. We could get by if I went down to 15-20 hours wkly. But he doesnt get it. Im woundering how many people out there are taking strong pain meds so they can work?
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    I was on 80 mg oxycontin, but I've been on a very gently workout program for the past couple months and just for now I'm able to get by on 40 mg oxy.

    It still leaves an edge of pain though; whereas the 80 mgs took the pain away. But really - can I really be on 80 to 160 mg/day of oxy, forever?

    Anyway - if I didn't have pain relief, I'd have several days/week where I wouldn't be able to get up out of bed in the mornings.

    I'm 36. Unfair, isn't it?

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    I work full time at a very stressful job. I am the assistant to a financial advisor/investment broker.

    I have a lot of paperwork that must be correct the first time because I am dealing with other people's money. When you are sending $500,000 of someone else's money to the investment company, you better get it right!!

    I take hydrocodone, 750 mg, at least 3 times a day. I start my day with one most of the time and then another at noon and one when I get home.

    If I still have really unbearable pain I take another 500 mg tablet.

    It's hard when you really have to be there mentally. I think it would be worse if I had to drive a forklift or work on a production line. I would be a danger to myself and those around me.

    You didn't say what kind of work you do.

    Tell your DH you need help at home if you are going to work outside the home, no matter how many hours. It's only fair that he pitch in. He can do the vacuuming, dishes, toilets, and cook a couple nights a week.

    My DH didn't realize how hard it was for me to do all the house work, cook, and work full time (not to mention the 45 minute each way commute I had then). Then one day he must have noticed just how exhausted I was.

    For our anniversary he cleaned the whole house. When I walked in after work everything was clean and shiny. Nothing was out where it shouldn't have been. And the house smelled wonderful!

    I broke down and cried. It meant so much to me to know that he did get it, that he knew I couldn't do it all by myself.

    I don't know if it will help to ask for his help, but it's worth a try. My DH was raised to believe that a wife should take care of all her husbands needs. He is a carpenter, farmer, cowboy. A tough guy and I never asked for help because I didn't think I could! You can! No matter what they are like, it doesn't hurt to ask. All they can really do is say no!

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    I was told by HR where I used to work(was fired for being out to long) that under no circumstances was I allowed to work for them If I could not pass the DOT(department of transportation drug screen test).

    I did work in a factory but not on the floor, I was office personel, but it did require me to visit the floor quit often.

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    I didnt mention what kind of work I do. I work for a doctor. Im a medical assistant. I work 3 mornings a wk in the lab, which is great. I dont have to run my but- off. But the rest of the days thats what i do. take patients back and fast. Multi tasking alot. And Im rotten at that anymore due to FM. So I get complaints from my co-workers that I dont keep up and not doing my share. That causes all kinds of greif for me. And Im sure my boss at times would just want to get rid of me.Only one thing Im the only one that knows how to work in the lab.Thats what Is like to do and only that. But my husbands not to happy about it. at one point in my life b-4 FM very sharp and good at my job. But its different now. I do get help at home but its not easy.
  6. risinforce

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    I work fulltime as a bookkeeper/manager for a very busy construction company. I take Kadian (morphine time release pills) 3 times a day (290mgs 2 times and 90 mgs in the middle of the day plus percocet for breakthrough pain. It's a lot of narcotics. I also take provigil for fatigue. I am able though to function fully without much mistake.

    I do get tired alot but that's because when I get home I don't get a break too often. I have a very active 6 yr old boy and there's always homework, dinner, playing etc. I get up at 3:30 each day and don't go to bed until 9 or 10 at night. It's a tough schedule weekly but what are my options??? Can't survive on Disability that's for sure.

    I'm lucky that the meds don't make me tired or loopy. I cannot get out of bed w/out them. I've tried. Can't move because of the pain. When flared up, the pain is bearly controlled by what I take and I usually take a little more morphine when flares happen.

    As for husbands understanding, can't help you. Mine did not and did not even believe I was in pain. He is now an ex-husband. In sickness and in heath.... remember that part? He didn't. Life goes on w/FM.

    I find it helps when your employer knows your illness and your situation. I am lucky in that area. My employer went to High School w/me. Some are not so lucky. I'm blessed I suppose.

    Drug testing should never be an issue as your meds are required by a physician prescription. Legally I'm not so sure they can enforce "testing positive" for meds you are prescribed. Something to look up if it's a situation you are running into. I'm speaking of Jakes response.

    I wish you luck and will pray for you. I belong to a FM support group and am the only one out of 10 women who work still. I consider myself fortunate, or maybe not so fortunate, to be working fulltime still. From the viewpoint of my support group pers, they would all love to have their careers back. They describe it as a feeling of loss, not being able to work anymore.

    Hugs and Love (( ))xo
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    Yes I work 40 hours a week and on my feet ALL DAY ON HARD CONCRETE FLOOR W/ NO MATS--- I work in a major ghain grocery store-----------in the kitchen/bakery department---------then I have the real work start when I come home------------15 year old-----plus I live w/ my 70 plus year old parents---I THANK THE LORD for my Mom everyday---------she helps me SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!We have to do everthing for my Dad----------he is very sick--------yes I have to take VERY STRONG MEDS----------I would not be able to function w/o them. I am still in pain and ache all over-------I do get down and depressed------I used to be extremelyactive in sports,the gym ,running,weights,etc. ------Not anymore----I take 70 mg of methadone ( divided into 4 doses) a day-------------plus percocet 10mg 3x ady for breakthrough pain-------------I am very Thankful for my Doctor!!!!-He is one that gets it!!!!!Loss my marriage to this--------I refuse to loose anymore----------LOVE TO ALL---------LAURA
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    Yes I couldn't work without stong meds. I got to a point where even with the meds I was going down hill. I opted for early retirement. It has been 4 weeks now and I already feel better. I haven't taken any pain killers for 2 weeks though I am still on Cymbalta.