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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maggie_d, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    Hi there,
    Who is working full time and trying to fit in exercising?? I find that on the weekend I feel ok when I exercise but during the week if I work out at night I suffer the next day. I tried getting up earlier, but then I crash during the work day.

    I have been diagnosed for a year, but know I have had FM for a long time and I am finding that recently the exercise part is getting harder.

  2. Callum

    Callum New Member

    I workout and work during the day. The only way I can do it is to get up at 5am, and work out before I go to work. It KILLS me to work out at night. 1) I don't have the energy, 2) It's so easy to put off after work - "I have to eat" and then "I can't work out, I just ate!" 3) I find it very difficult to sleep if I work out in the evening, even on the weekend.

    Working out in the morning is hard at first, but almost immediately I found I had more energy during the day. And, during a flare, I will feel better after I work out than I will if I skip it.

    I should stress, though, that with the CFS I do not tolerate cardio/aerobic exercise. My routine is all weight training and stretching. If I did aerobic exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening, I wouldn't be able to work. or play. or sleep.

  3. Cindyvr

    Cindyvr New Member

    I do water therapy and I work..well sort of..LOL
    It goes like this
    Monday- water therapy 8 am go from there to until 4:30 pm come home try to get supper by 8 pm usually the pain hits bad I am crying and thinking something has to exhausted the next day I stay home from work on Tuesday. Then comes Wednesday..same thing water therapy 8 am..well today is Thursday..couldn't get out of bed til 1:30 pm...This sucks!So I actually work 3 days a week at 6 1/2 hours..
    I have no clue what helps and was actually getting on here to ask and found this post!! LOL
    I am trying to stay positive and its getting really hard!!
  4. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    Thanks for all your input, I think I am pushing myself by trying to do what I used to be able to - little bit of denial going on here - I am going to try the stretching in the morning and not guilt myself at night.

    My job can be very stressful at this time of year, so I will give myself a break.



  5. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

  6. krchamp

    krchamp New Member

    I work full time too. I push and push myself to the point of collapse. I used to exercise religously when I was a teenager even though I had excessive pain then too. Now, it seems like it takes everything I have to do at least 20 minutes to exercise. I have suffered from an eating disorder so exercise was very important to me. I don't know how to not feel guilty even though I am not physically able to work out like I used too.

  7. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    Donnaeil, I just had to laugh at your last sentence though. Yes I do have children two boys 13 and 17 so they are pretty good with helping out. My new plan is to go to the gym on the weekends and there is a steam room and whirlpool and do what I can during the week and let go of trying to do everything.

    Have a great weekend all,


  8. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    I work for a busy non profit social service agency. I technically have a desk job but we are on two levels so I do get a lot of exercise by going up and down the stairs many times a day. I make sure I move around to avoid cramping - I tend to get a lot of pain if I sit for too long.

    I think the fact that I am active all day, when I work out at night it sends me over the limit.

    I am going to take better care of myself and rest more to see if that helps.


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