Working, how to decide its time to stop working how do i do it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by justonemoreday, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. justonemoreday

    justonemoreday New Member

    Hi, I'm a 49 yr old male in CA with FM and every day i go to work, like all of you i hurt so badly from working all day like any of you who still work do (but i thought i needed to work to keep feeling useful, keep my mind busy and a good income) I do not have SDI where I work. Can't get PERS disability until you have 5 years in which i don't. I think that leaves only SSI. heres where i need help, when do you know its time to start the process of retireing with a disability, what type of attorney or lawfirm helps you figure it out? where do you turn for help? If my work limitations set by the doctor are so limiting why don't i just stop working? can a doctor say you can't work anymore? I have other health problems also, like a bad disc, siatica, hep c. So you know how tired i must feel. has any of you good people have experience and can help me please?
    thanks in advance for any help.
    hey. there is enought to do at home to keep me busy, i could take 4 hours just to go to the store and bring in the bags or to find someone to help me!!
  2. Adl123

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    Dear Justonemoreday,
    So sorry you are going through this. Retiring is a scary thing. I know, I did it just a few years ago.

    From your post it sounds like you are a teacher. It really it is too bad you can't do the minimum. I was a teacher, and my early retirement., even though small, really helps. Let me tell you how I hapened to do it:

    After I had my "crisis", I was diagnosed with CFIDS. My Dr. told me to take 6 weeks off. After that i was told to take 3 months off. I received differential pay during this time.

    Finally I realized that I would never be able to go back to work. My Dr. said:"I was waiting for you to realize that". I took early retirement. Now, I had a private disability insurance policy I had taken out and had been paying on for several years. I was able to exist with my early retirement money and the money from the insurance.

    When the Insurance ran out I applied for SSD. I was refused the first time,and then, when I re-applied a year
    later, I was accepted very quickly. I did not use a lawyer. It never occurred to me. I understand that nowadays one needs one. I know there are many on this board who can help you here.

    One thing you really need to know: Be sure to apply as soon as you leave work. I waited 2 years, and, as a result, I was only awarded 2 months early Medicare. I receive no money. If I had not waited that extra year, I would have receied an award. No one ever tells a person these things.

    Well, that is what happened to me. I hope you get some ideas from it. I wish you lots of luck.

    Best wishes,

    p.s. Assuming you are a teacher, I just want to tell you, that, after 3 years I was able to go back to teaching and share a contract with another teacher. I did 30%, and it really helped, even though I was only able to do it for 4 years. (I finally had to stop because of another reason, not CFIDS or Fibro). . So, don't burn your bridges.. There are counelors at the county level who can advise you. T.

  3. LBH895

    LBH895 New Member

    Just today I started the process of filing for disability. I would so much rather work but I just am not in good enough health to do it any longer. No two days are the same. I cant even clean my house like I use to. Any kind of stress throws me in a flare it seems. And then there is the "fog'. I cant go to work and take pain medication either.
    I think you just know when it is time to give up the idea of working. Good luck.
  4. onnaroll

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    well i have to agree with fight4acure you will know when its time. for me it was sever pain everywhere but my THAT HAPPENED) I have bawled day in and day out for years. =(
    and i couldnt even do anything i was in so much pain!That decided it for me. good luck

    ps im a odd ball it seems most with fibro have worsening symptoms Mine started with symptoms that were out of this AND are still horrible to this day.
  5. justonemoreday

    justonemoreday New Member

    lbh895 thats me exactly, but i take my meds at work if i didn't i wouldn't be able to walk, but i know i know! onnaroll my heart goes out for your pain noone deservers this FM problem, you are a brave person to bear this burden and it so bad for you, worst than most. Fight4cure, you are right it is time I know it I just don't want to face it because when i do it takes away the little bit of my comforting "denile" that i just have pulled muscles or the flu or i hurt my back again but 9 months ago they told me it was FM and i cried because my mother has it, she is 75 now but got it later in lfe than i did. 2 months ago i finally accepted the conclusion that i'm not okay any longer, that my pain is genuine and i own it. I have FM and i will always have it Now i need to find what will make me feel better and i want to try to do something good with my life the way it is now. thank you all for responding and i hope this helps any others who might read it. About work: I think in CA i can apply for SSID and still be working. No I'm not a teacher, but i think i will have 2 years in pers next month and i can buy two years with military service and pay it off in 18 months and then when i get my disabelity i will have 5+ years of pers and get pers disability also, it will take me just another 18 months of working and it will add $500 to my SSID! well thats my plan so far. any ideas?

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