Working on my will and trust.

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    I contacted the Whittemore Peterson Institute for and address (give me flowers when I'm living and can enjoy them) so I've asked that instead of flowers, donate to WPI 1664 N. Virginia Street/Mail Stop 0552 Reno NV
    89557-o552. (775)68250. The email went to the Vice President and we recieved a very nice reply. I'm not ready for my obituary at this point but after 24 years of ME/CFS and at age 74 I want it all in order. I also Donated organs and body parts but only to others with ME/CFS.

    We did the living will and trust several years ago so this is an update. Things change over the years and we have a blended family that is very large. Much to my dismay not all of the kids have turned out as we would have liked so they are out. It wasn't an easy thing to do but in my case it was the right thing to do. There are laws about where you can spread ashes-at least in California but I don't know that anyone enforces them. I am a believer in Death with Dignity. I would like to make the decision of when I will leave this planet and move on to what is next. I do not want to waste away and I truly believe that I have the right to decide when to move on.[This Message was Edited on 11/14/2010]
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    Isn't it a relief to have it in order! Do you have a living will? That is the kind of thing
    that puts someone in charge of your medical decisions if you are say, in a coma?

    I just had a colonoscopy and they asked me that, is why it is on my mind. I don't have
    one. In front of my hubby, I said "I don't want him to be in charge, he will keep me
    plugged in much longer than I want to be!!". Will make two of the kids who have
    experience in medical things to make that call.


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