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  1. My hubby has been dissabled for 5 years now .He was looking into work program that allows you to recieve your benefits.Was wondering If this is an attempt to get you off social security?I mean I have always heard they could use it against you.In all honesty he may be able to work 10 or 15 hours a week,but than may not be able to make it for more than a day or so.Please anyone that knows about this program let me know how it works. Ruthie
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    Check out the social security website at It has info about the trial work period. You can earn up to $590/month (in 2005) and keep your SSDI benefits. If you earn over $590/month, that month counts as a month towards the 9 months allowed (in a "rolling 60 month period") for the trial work period before benefits may be stopped. The nine months of trial work period don't need to be consecutive.

    You need to tell Social Security that you are working, no matter how little you earn. Give them copies of your paystubs.

    I have been working part-time for a year, average of 15 hrs/wk, and my Social Security disability benefits haven't been affected. Of course, I only make minimum wage and don't exceed the $590/month amount. Next month, I am going to return to work full time and hope to soon be off of SSDI.

    There is also the ticket to work program, where you work with a state agency like your state's vocational rehab agency or an employment network to help you get services and/or education to return to work. Hope this info helps a bit and isn't too confusing.

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    i even asked today at local ssa office...

    then there are trial work periods. and the ticket wot work program


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    but in california we have us infor for our state..

    google it for yourself


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