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    A working title is one used in show biz because the title of the project has not
    yet been decided. Or sometimes just to keep the project under wraps. The titles
    on this thread are working because they are helping to tell a story.

    You are invited to submit your own. As always the rules of our games are
    very flexible. You might need a short sentence without a title in it to bridge
    a gap, etc.

    "What time does it show on The Clock?"
    "Looks like High Noon to me."
    "Quo Vadis?"
    "I have a Date With Judy."
    "Oh? Are you going Where The Boys Are?"
    "No, The Blue Lagoon."
    "Are you going with Mrs. Miniver?"
    Yes, we're traveling on The 20th Century to New York.

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    (Rock, Is this what you have in mind?)

    "I'm going on a vacation and will be 'Flying Down to Rio'."
    "Then, I may go to Paris becasue 'I Love Paris in the Springtime'.
    "Also on the itinerary, a ride on 'The Orient Express'."
    My travel club also want to visit 'Casablanca' and then on to 'The Road to Moracco", as well as 'Hong Kong', 'Bali', 'Singapore' and maybe even 'Zanzibar'."
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  3. rockgor

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    Very nice, GB. A few more trips like that and you'll go Around the World
    In 80 Days. Course we're not restricted to travel vignettes.

    The bulb burned out, and now it's The Dark At The Top Of The
    Stairs. It's so dark I can't find my Golden Earrings. At least there's
    a little light through the Rear Window. Because of A Light In The
    Forest? No, I think it's 'cause The Moon Is Blue.

    Maybe we can do like Olivia De Havilland and find A Light In The
    Piazza. I hope so. I've got to get dressed for the Easter Parade.

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  4. gb66

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    "My Sister Eileen" and I decided to go "Across the Wide Missouri" to visit "Music City" in Nashville. On the way, we took a wrong turn and ended up "On Top of Old Smoky".

    Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. We stopped at an old farm house and asked about "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". We ended up with a couple of horses, "Black Beauty and "Flicka".

    We rode to the next city, rented a car and were soon "Homeward Bound". This trip turned out to be no "Picnic" but more like "A Day At The Races". It's good to be "Coming Home".
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  5. rockgor

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    "You see that movie 1,000,000 Years BC?"
    "Sure. Actually I saw it twice. It was made in the 40's and remade in the
    60's. Thing sure have changed since then.
    " Even in the few thousand years since Cleopatara."
    "Oh, yeah, I read she was not only fabulous wealthy but beautiful."
    "Yeah, she was Sitting Pretty. Like Midas."

    "Well, those days are Gone With The Wind. Nowadays we got All The
    President's Men."

    "More like A Ship of Fools. Or The Three Stooges."

    "OK, Kids, It's Bedtime for Bonzo."

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  6. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi, y'all. Took me a while, but I'll give this a try. I was never very good at creative writing. Anything involving writing in school (book reports, essays) .... I'd cringe. :)

    I told my roommate that I was going on "Vacation."
    She asked me where? And I replied, a "European Vacation."
    I told her she could reach me at "Transylvania 6-5000".
    She asked if I'd meet any friends there.
    I said sure: "Dracula", "The Wolf Man", perhaps Doctor "Frankenstein".
    She wished me a safe journey. Said to have a good time and come back soon.
    She didn't like to be "Home Alone."


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  7. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    This is fun. Very cute stories. Hi to Diane, and I think your writing is great!

    Rock, I think the Three Stooges are going to get us into Duck Soup!
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Very nice, Diane. If for some reason you find yourself back in school
    you can face creative writing class with complete confidence. It will
    now be Duck Soup, and you can anticipate high Marx.

    Hi GB, I'm currently reading two show biz autobiographies. Janet Leigh
    and Joe Pasternak. Janet Leigh we've all seen. Joe Pasternak was
    from a village in Transylvania. He came to America when a young
    man and worked at any job he could get. Eventually, with a lot of
    luck and talent, he wound up a movie producer at MGM and made
    lots of films, especially musicals.



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  9. ConfusedInPA

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    I'll try one more ---- since I'm feeling a bit better. But I am getting a bit tired, so let's see if this works........... :confused::eek::oops:

    "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" were "Spellbound". They were so in love.

    No "Suspicion" or "Shadow of a Doubt." They were married and on their honeymoon.

    They boarded a train going "North by Northwest." They took their seats in the last car by the "Rear Window." There were no "Notorious"-looking travelers. Everyone was very relaxed.

    After a while, Mr. Smith said to his new bride: Darling "I Confess." The police are looking "To Catch A Thief."

    I laughed. It must be "The Wrong Man." What a joker I married. That's "The Trouble With Harry," you can't take him seriously.

    We had a great trip, and returned home to daily life. I wonder if I was laughing, as I got "Vertigo" and tumbled down "The 39 Steps". I guess Harry was "Psycho" and went into a "Frenzy", pushing me.

    I am now buried in "The Family Plot", where the sun shines and "The Birds" fly.


    I love HITCHCOCK! :)


    PS: I enjoy all the posts in this thread! :)
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  10. rockgor

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    Nice post, Diane. You pulled it off without a hitch.

    Your post had "The Ring" of truth to it. I would toast you with
    "Champagne" if I had any.

    We have a new fellow in the neighborhood. He's "The Lodger"
    at "Number 17" just next door. I'll have to take "The 39 Steps"
    between his front porch and ours and tell him about our little
    word game. Don't know much about him yet, but I've formed
    the idea he's kinda "Rich and Strange". I wonder if he might be
    a "Secret Agent".

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    :) to all! Great stories Rock and Diane. I'll be back later to post another one. GB
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    "Going To The Chapel of Love"

    When is the best time for a wedding? How about "Maytime". The flowers will all be in bloom and the weather is nice and mild. Or perhaps "Summertime", you could go to the park and have the ceremony on a "Carousel".

    Fall is also a beautiful time of the year, especially "Autumn in New York" A Christmas wedding would be very cool too, you could be a "December Bride". I guess "Anytime" is great "When You Are In Love"!

    (I added a couple of song titles to this one too. Maybe we could do this same theme with songs next.) ?
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  13. rockgor

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    Ah, romance. You know what makes the you know what go around.

    A Love Affair blossoms into something more. Something like a Big Fat
    Greek Wedding for Zorba and Sophia. The Father of the Bride had
    a handle bar mustache. Later he had Father's Little Dividend.

    The happy couple planned a visit to America. But where in
    America? Atlantic City; Wichita; San Antonio; Tulsa;
    Chinatown? So many choices. Fargo, Washington,
    Nashville, Fort Worth.

    Wonderful memories. An Affair to Remember became Once Upon
    A Honeymoon and eventually Cheaper By The Dozen.

    And best of all, the blissful lovers lived Happily Ever After.

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB

    Folks didn't post much on this board or on the porch yesterday. Anyhoo,
    your GD's wedding sounds lovely. But weddings in the vicinity of water
    can be hazardous as evidenced by various videos over the years. Here
    are a couple.

    And there are lots more on Youtube.

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