working while waiting for ssd

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    Hello all, I havent posted in a while. But I read everyones posts. I have a question I have applied for SSD. Money is very tight. As we all know. I was just wondering if anyone as tried working parttime while applying for ssd. My old job has called me back to work part time. And I dont know if I should due to me waiting for my appeal. i was denied once already. And I really dont know if I can work anyway. \But I was just wondering if it would affect the SS decision.

    Thanks all Happy new year. Hope everyone has a better one this year.

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    I don't think this would be a good idea either. You will probably be denied as nink said. Can you apply for assistance in your state to help you get by? They may be able to help with finacially and medically and with food. Go to a food bank, a church may also be able to help. The town you live in may have programs to help you with also.There are medical clinics and precsription companies that are willing to help also. You just have to do the calling.
    Hugs, Robin