working with OLE-what I've learned

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    hi everyone,

    I've felt so spacey and braindead this last week, afraid to drive, difficulty speaking, no energy and no interest in even my friends.

    Some of the amazing effects I was recieving with OLE after five days stayed, (sinus pain gone and acne cleared up)

    But as the days of taking OLE wore on I stopped experiencing improved energy and alertness. I started running a low fever- kept taking them since I though this was just herxing. But I was so weak, I felt I should take a break.

    When I did stop taking them, I still had the whole braindead/bodydead feeling and fever -so maybe just cfs weirdness.

    After a week off I took it again yesterday. Now I am back to having at least little conversations with my mom, I am more alert, happier again, slept better and only about 20% of the braindead feelings are still here. physical energy is better too. The way I feel today, from the way I felt two days ago is such a radical improvement

    I know about pulsing meds/vitamins/supplements and that it may increase their effectiveness. I just didn't think the taking/ not taking period would be so little for me.

    Im thinking about maybe taking it for only three or four days, breaking and then repeating the cycle again. or, every two days or something like that.--as soon as I notice its not doing anything for me, I will take a break.

    I learned that pulsing meds/supplements will be so different for all of us. And that not all supplements are as straightfoward as taking a daily multivitamin. OLE really is great for me, just not not for seven days straight at a time! LOL!

    best wishes,
  2. Letti

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    I'm new to this board and have enjoyed reading all your information & sharing your lives. This is all so familiar. I'm going on 12 yrs. with having FMS.
    I was wondering what OLE is.

    Thank you.........Letti
  3. Plantscaper

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    It took me longer to build up a tolerance for OLE..but switching brands has helped and, now, taking two days off every seven has helped, too..

    Since I have migraines due to various sinus symptoms, I am now taking Oregano Oil on my off days from the OLE..It helps the sinuses as much, but generally I prefer the OLE...there was some discussion on this in our postings, Discussion of Improvement on OLE...but we are all learning as we go...

    Hope you continue to benefit from the OLE, but I do think our bodies, unusually, build up tolerance to treatments..I have experienced this many times..pulsing it is very important!

    Have you seen the info by Pat Palmer on the CYTOLOG...She is getting good success on her sinus symptoms by it..

    LETTI, Just saw your question..Olive Leaf Extract..put that in the message search box and you will see lots of info on it...

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    They are talking about Olive Leaf Extract.

    I have created a list of abbreviations that you might find helpful. I try to keep bumping back to the first page so all new folks can see it.

    Wishing you well,
  5. AmyKaiser

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    ole ..olive leaf extract..
    read the post on this page about abbreviations..
    ok now my question..what is pulsing...i am assuming that means taking a break from suppliments for a few days for affectiveness?
  6. PatPalmer

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    I`m delighted it`s working for you.

    You have to develop the best protocol for you, and seem to have got it right, that`s great.

    Please keep us posted on how you progress, it`s so nice to have this improvement.
    I remember when my daughter`s foggy head and energy levels improved, I was on cloud 9.

    Love Pat.
  7. skychomper

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    yes I feel like I am finally "getting it" as far as developing my own protocol. this dd aint easy!

    pulsing is sort of like taking something in a cycle- you take something for a certain period of time, then you don't take it, then you take it again. and repeat. could be taking OLE on for three days, off for three days, and so on, or taking it for seven and taking a break for two days and repeating- different for everyone as Im finding out

    for some supps/meds/vitamins it is good to take a break so your body doesn't build up a tolerance to it, and so that your body won't become dependent on it, and stop making things it would normally produce on its own. (I've heard this esp true with some vitamins and hormones.)

    another related reason is if your herxing is just a little too much for you to handle.
    bye for now,