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  1. Teerose

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    How hard is it for you to balance your careers around FM?
    I find it hard getting up in the morning starting the day, and even harder maintaining throughout the day. So so fatigue and weak. The pain in my back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands is a nightmare. I streght, do physical thearpy two times a week I'm at the gym almost everyday. So far this what my doctor thinks will get the pain under control and keep it there. Any advice?
  2. Jordane

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    Had to give up my job,because of this DD.
    Your a brave woman,to have this and work too!!

    Take Care!
  3. fowlerfab522

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    I work about 37 hours a week. Yes, the pain in my back, neck, shoulders, etc. are there everyday. I currently do PT 3 times a week. Not sure if it is helping. I work out at least every other day at the gym. What do you do at the gym? Is sounds so hard to get disability and I don't really know if I want to do that. I am afraid if I am not at a job, I will get worse and get depressed.

    I just look at my job as a way to keep me going. I just have to tough out the pain. Just there are alot... of days I want to give up.

    Hang in there..
  4. Teerose

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    My days at the gym mainly consits of the treadmill (30 mins) jogging/walking ,elliptical (30 mins) Lifecycle(20 mins), I do a good stretch before and after. I do aerobics and they work better then anything else but the pain still never stops.

    Like you I don't want to stop working, I only want the pain to go away. Some days it's hard to sit, type on a computer and stand for long periods of time, I'm always stretching at work so I can make it through the day. Thanks for the encouragement i'll do my best hanging on....
  5. pammy52

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    I work full time and pretty much spend the rest of time resting/sleeping.
    I am self supporting so have to keep on keeping on.

    Family is grown and I have my own home and see no way of keeping it if I went through the process of filing for disability, not to mention the health ins. loss is just not an option. Have a good plan through work and pay in a very nominal amount each week.
    I get a lot of self satisfaction from working too so just try to keep plugging along.

    I have just started PT and with good weather on the way will be starting to walk every day.

    Truly one day at at time with this DD.

  6. fowlerfab522

    fowlerfab522 New Member

    When were you diagnosed? How bad do you think you are? I don't feel so bad when I read alot of the stories and feel quilty, lucky, maybe I don't have it when I read some of these bulletins. I am 41 years of age. I too sit at a computer can get up and stretch and sometimes have to to lifting (which is nearly impossible) but I hat to ask for help. Do you drink coffee, do you drink pop? What meds do you take? Sorry I am asking so many questions, I just got the impression that we might be similar in progression of FM.
    Have a good day! I am usually on throughout the day off and on.

  7. EllenComstock

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    but cut back to part-time a couple of years ago. It was just too hard to work all day. Now I have the perfect schedule. I just work mornings, but still work enough hours to get health insurance (23 hours). I feel very fortunate to work at a place where insurance is available for part-timers. I also don't work during the summer so I do have to pay for my insurance for three months, but that isn't too bad.

    I also love my job. It's very layed-back and I work at a college, which I find to be interesting. I like interacting with the students.

    I, too, exercise a lot and do stretches daily. I am currently doing pool therapy three afternoons a week for an hour. The first half hour the therapist leads us through different exercises and stretches in the water and the last half hour we do what we want. I am able to do laps, but I can only do it by using the kick board or the side stroke. I can't do the back stroke and front crawl anymore with my neck and right shoulder. I also exercise at home-have equipment in my basement or I sometimes walk in my neighborhood.

    Yes, it is a daily struggle working and trying to keep things up at home, spend time with my husband, plus I am guardian for my mentally ill brother who lives in a group home. Life is a balancing act. I am learning to take care of myself and pace myself. I also take a nap every afternoon.

  8. joanng

    joanng New Member

    I'm home today in the midst of a flair, my shoulder is in a spasm where I can't move my neck, arm, or any movement on my right side hurts like hell. My boss doesn't know what I have....he makes fun of me all the time, says I'm getting old, says I'm sick a lot, but if I tell him, I'm afraid I'll be looked at as a risk and not be seen as able to do the work. When I can, I can, but right now my husband is putting me through the emotional mill and my back is reacting but my boss doesn't know the deal about fibro so I just take the comments and keep going. We have to put in 35 hours a week...I do 40-45 at least every week because I feel bad that I have to take off sometimes (not too much) but I never know when a flare is going to hit, or my stomach trouble will kick in, etc. Since I'm the breadwinner (one of the reasons my husband and I are not getting along) I don't have a choice. I wake up in the morning and do a daily body check, how am I feeling, does this hurt, how bad, can I function anyway, is my head spinning, am I going to throw-up, etc. It's like a pilot before take-off! Good luck. Excercise helps but I got sick a few weeks ago and now I'm out of the routine so it's going to take time to get back on track.
  9. Teerose

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    I was diagnosed 6mos ago, after a year of blood work and lost of pain I was told my problem is FM and that there is no cure. Like you after reading thourgh many of the posts here I almost think I don't have FM. I have a moderate case there are some day when there is nothing moderate about this pain, because it's off the pain scale. I don't drink coffee, I rarely have a pop maybe 2 a month at the most. I've been on many narcotics form ( so many), muscle relaxers ( flexeril, methocarbamol), amitriptyline in a low dose ( 10mg nightly). I use heating pads nightly and on those really bad days and nights I use Aspercream or extra strength Ben Gay. Please ask as many questions as you have, we have to help each other, FM is a nightmare.

  10. ColdinMN

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    Hi - I work full time and carry the benefits for my family. My husband is a craftsman and is not in an industry that has good benefits. Since we have young children that need so much I can't stop working. I was a stay at home mom for years and went to back to school durning that time to get my degree. Less than a year in the work force, I was diagnosed. Lots and lots of school loans!

    I am at home today, but I am able to log into my computer at work and do a lot from home. I am an account manager and it helps that I can make my schedule fit with my flares (most of the time). If you are able, you should find out if you can work sometimes at home. Since I am usually up half the night, I can usually get more done than I would working at the office. Good luck!
  11. Greenbean7

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    I work full time for an investment broker. Very stressful being responsible for other people's money!

    I refuse to lose work to FM. Even if I have to crawl in here on my hands and knees I will be here! In the two years since my DX I have not lost a day at work due to a flare.

    I do lose work sometimes for a migraine, but will try to at least get in for half a day when I have one.

    I take pain pills at work and muscle relaxers in the evening.

    I pay for this on the weekends and most evenings. I am in constant pain and the weekends are the worst. Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday I am not too bad after work, but by Thursday and Friday I am just exhausted and in constant pain.

    This morning I started laundry because I know I will not be able to do it tomorrow. One load of my DH's stuff and I can make it through until Monday before I do mine!

    Some mornings the only thing that gets me out of bed is knowing I can take a pain pill as soon as I get up! Then into the shower and the combination gets me going.

    Can't afford not to work. DH is retired due to his back (carpenter for nearly 30 years) and I have to carry our medical insurance.

    I guess we all do what we have to do to get by.


  12. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I believe I mentioned it in another post, but I do work at home and it is something Social Security can have nothing to say about. I work the stock market: buying and selling.
    I read the 'Wall Street Journal' daily and watch every 'business' show on. And CNBC is tuned in every day at every minute.

    Juggle as I might: I win and lose, but I usually end up at a profit by the end of the week.

    Nice to know it does not affect my SSD check.

  13. Teerose

    Teerose New Member

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, I am a weapons instructor, it hard on some days but I haven't given into the pain; pain that tell me not to get out of bed in morning. I'll do some research on jobs I can do at home, I maybe making a career change really soon.

    Thanks, alot to everyone!!
  14. mlp1954

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    I work 45 hours a week and I am in constant pain. I have always worked tho, and I don't let myself feel like I have any option but to work, with 2 sons in college, I have no choice. I am fortunate that I have a desk job. I cannot be on my feet for more than a couple of minutes without pain. I have RA plus the Fibro. My neck, arms and back feel like yours do. I think some of us get into the routine of what is required of us, and we just do it. I think I have gotten used to the constant pain. Retirement sounds wonderful to me, but right now it is NOT an option. My best to you. (we dont eat fancy meals, and my husband does most of the housework, that helps) Take care....Pattie
  15. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    I work 34 hours a week, and go to Curves three times a week. I am usually pretty exhausted. I do what needs done at home as much as possible. And the rest is spent resting. I do have Wednesdays off so I get caught up on rest. It has been good for me since we changed our scedules. I lost hours but I feel better. Sometimes it is hard going to the Gym but I do it because I know it is good for me and I have lost weight. But I struggle. I also sit in front of the computer most of the day and I have the freedom to stretch my legs when needed which is also good. And I too feel lucky I am not as severe as some one here, although I have also been diagnosed with the beginning stages of lupus, so far that is mild too, I pray it stays that way.
  16. musikmaker

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    I just last week had to let go of my job. I started having memory issues, forgetting where I was and really have problems with sensory overload in general. This just wasn't working for me. I worked for years with the pain but when the cognitive "stuff" started it pretty much did me in. I really feel like I am not the same person I used to be. I would have lost my job eventually as I couldn't think and I was an IT Architect. You just need your brain for this type of work and somedays I was checked out.
  17. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Fog? What fog?

    I do have trouble concentrating Oh, look a chicken!

    Some days when the boss says do you have Mr. Jones file I say, I don't know. He just looks at me funny. I don't know has become my standard answer because then if I do have it I can tell him I have it and after I look if I don't have it I can tell him no.

    If I just say no, I don't, and then find out I have it I feel like an idiot so it is always, "I don't know, let me check!"

  18. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I do work 30 hours a week & for the most part it is a desk job, but we have examiners there right now & I have been having to do very heavy manual labor for the past week & a half. I am really paying the price for it. I have had to pull files & bucket them up & lift them to move them from here to there. I also have been under a great deal of pressure to get them done, like an hour a ago (you get the idea). I am off today, so other than a Dr. appt. this morning, the rest of my day has been spent in bed.

    I have to keep my hours at 30 per week to get medical insurance. I am off on Fridays. I went in to work yesterday after getting up & barely being able to move. I could hardly get around until I took my pain med & muscle relaxant. I told my boss I would not be able to lift anything, because it had taken a toll on me. (She knows I have FM) Anyway, she is at the location where the examiners are located & her reply to me was, "Well, if you were at this location, you would not have a choice!" I was floored!

    Oh & to top all this off, my pain Dr. decreased my medication! Instead of taking Norco every 4-6 hours as needed for pain-up to 5 a day. His new order was 1 every 6 hours as needed with a max of 4 a day! Also, he decreased my Robaxin (muscle relaxant) from 3 a day to 2 a day. I am freakin out, I don't know how to do this, especially now! I talked to someone in his office & they said, "He just wants to see how you do on the decreased amount" They said if it is a problem, he wants me to come back & see his nurse practioner.

    So, I guess I am gonna have to go to the FFC for sure. Sure can't work like this.

    Sorry about rambling. Whenever I get to talkin about all this, I just keep going. This is really the only place I can do this, because anytime I talk to my DH, he just walks away...

    So glad ya'll are here for me.