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    I'm kind of many of you are able to work with this condition of CFS or FMS? I know that we all have different levels of pain, fatigue etc., but just curious.
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    I work full time in retail. I have bad days and not so bad days.
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    but would LOVE to be! at least part-time. I don't think I could handle a full 40 hrs. I stopped working in Retail Management,and a daycare center,back in 93. I left to have a child,then this illness worsened,and I never went back~
    I sure do miss my co-workers and the extra money~
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    Hi Cookie: Funny you should ask... I was laid off from my job (they knew I wanted to move by my daughter) in September 2001. I received a severance pkg and later was receiving unemployment and I moved to NM. I had a plan to look for a job in Jan '03. I decided to go to school under a cool plan that allows this if you are "displaced" and would be "under employed". I did full time last summer. Then my "plan" falls apart. I had tennis elbow in right arm 1/02 and did PT for about 2 months. May '02 came around and I got an awful eye infection which lasted 2 months. It's been downhill since then with dizzyness and vertigo, constant brain-fog, neck/shoulder/back muscle spasms, can't sleep, tennis elbow in both arms and can hardly open round door knobs, etc. Had to drop my classes for Fall because I couldn't "think" worth a d... PCP had me do all the tests to rule out anything else. I had no idea everything was related until dx'd by doc who has fibro herself in Jan '03. HOWEVER, now my insurance is gone, I can't work, not married, no income. I just can't picture anybody wanting to hire somebody who puts the Cheerios in the freezer and the strawberries in the cupboard. God only knows what a danger I'd be to an organized office right now. Applying for disability on Wednesday. Wish me luck. Good luck to you too!
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    I'm 60 years old and have never worked outside the home much.But I know that I couldn't hold down a full time job.I could probably work part time.I do better early in the morning.But my better time doesn't last too many hours before I have to rest a while. bejo
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    I work full time as a nurse. I can't get my Dr to give me time off off work, even though I have a thousand things going wrong at once. How do people convince their Dr's to give them time away from work?

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    But it isn't easy. I find it's easier for me to "forget" my physical discomfort if my mind is busy, but I'm absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, and getting up in the morning is always a challenge. I don't become "awake" until after I've been up for at least 4 hours, and then only after mainlining coffee (yes, I know it's bad for me). I hit the wall again about 3.5 hours later, re-emerge from my coma (which I hope I hide to some degree from my coworkers) after about 2 hours, work a few more hours, then drag my sorry fanny home and do it all over again. I have almost no life outside the office.

    I have a demanding office job. Thankfully, I am not on my feet all day, but I do a fair amount of walking on hard floors. My job is high-stress, and there are people in my face all day (I am an introvert). I have to absorb a lot of information every single day (hope I'm hiding how poorly I'm doing with this one). I have to take business trips regularly.

    All in all, I'm just praying I can last until I hit minimum retirement age in two years. I'm just hanging on. Frankly, although I know I will miss some aspects of work when I don't have it to go to every day, right now I have almost no energy for it. asked!!! By the way, I have FM and reactive arthritis.
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    Up until 3 weeks ago I worked 40 plus hours a week on the shop floor.Fortunalely for me,my plant offers a flex time schedule.I cut my hours to four days a week at 8 hrs. per shift.It has helped somewhat to have 3 days off.But to do this I had to give up my insurance benefits(hubby picked up),no holiday or vacation pay and no raises! This has given me the incentive to get out of there completely by summer time.Problem is where do I go???I am only 44 and been diagnosed with fms.Am afraid to try for disability for fear of being turned down and going broke trying.Wish I had some answers.
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    I'm an RN and haven't worked for over two months; I tried to work one day a week, but was miserable within 2 hours of beginning my shift: achey, stiff and unable to walk down the hallways. My doctor doesn't believe in disability or strong meds; she says she can only give me a week off of work. She wants me to "find" a way to cope with my pain and keep working. I cope by not working; I feel MUCH better!
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    I have to work. I am a single parent, and sole supporter of my house. I am trying to hold it together until he goes off to college at least. When I was mrried, I didnt work for a year and a half, and I got much worse. Maybe a coincidence.
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    I don't have much choice either....Either work or live in a cardboard box.. Right now I'm working for a Temp Agency. It's full time, but not all the time.... in other words, I'll have a job to go to for 40 hours a week for 3 months or so then they won't need me anymore (I do secretary and admin computer work mostly) Then they won't have anything for me for a few weeks, then I'll have a job that's 3 weeks long, etc etc. So, no job guarantees, no benefits, no health insurance, and not very good pay...and some jobs I've had have made me lift heavy boxes and things even though they know I cannot and shouldn't have to as a secretary... Oh well... until I can find a permanant job I'm stuck without any health insurance or decent pay. I do like the breaks I get in-between jobs, but it cuts into the paycheck...
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    I work fulltime and it is kicking my arse! I would love to go on std for two weeks to give my body time to heel, but doc could care less......
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    I havent been able to think about working the last three years -just trying to survive everyday with the usual things that need to be done in the home and with my kids. But I am going to be helping a friend just two days a month with office work and see how that goes. I worked just three hrs. last week and was sick the whole afternoon and evening after. I am so dissapointed abut am not going to give up yet. I hope someday I can work part time -I want to be able to be with people and not be a hermit anymore!

  14. JP

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    here. I think I would do almost anything to be able to work again. I have multiple conditions and my FMS is probably secondary. I used to be on top of the world and could take on multiple projects with confidence.

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    Hi, I work full time. Sometimes I get really exhausted, I'm on my feet all day and my legs hurt a lot. Reading a lot of the postings here (I'm new) I feel so fortunate - some of you are obviously suffering so much worse than I am. I'm also realising from reading all your postings how many of my various problems are associated with fm. I've had problems with my arms on occasion I put down to repetitive strain injuries from work, and just had tennis elbow diagnosed, before I had the fm diagnosis. It didn't occur to me till just now it could be related!
    I think it's great how many of you (sorry I should say us) can manage to work full or even part time, and feel like we have any life at all other than working and sleeping (or trying to)
    I'd love to work less, but quite simply need the money!
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    full time here. And like most who posted above, I have bad days and not-as-bad days.

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    I recently took early retirement after working 30 years. I had a demanding, stressful job that really took its toll on me. I worked 40 hrs a week, plus at least 2 hrs per day of unpaid overtime, and sometimes had to work OT on Saturdays, had to make many business trips, and lived 1 hr. away from my job. I cried a lot sometimes on the way home. Hubby was no help to me when I got home, except when the children were infants--then he would hold them while I fixed his supper. I did all bill paying, laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and you name it, I did it.

    I don't know how I did it, and raise 3 children, but I did. However, I don't think I could do it now and I've only been retired for 3 years. It wasn't a good time, financially, for me to retire because we still had 2 of the 3 kids in college, but my body just wouldn't make it much longer, and when my company was giving incentives for early retirements, I jumped at the chance.
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    I've had 2 back surgeries and probably 4 months after the last surgery, FM symptons started. I have been back to work since June 02 and my conditions continues to get worse. I filed for SSD in April 02 and was told i didn't have enough quarters and now that I do, i was told it would be denied because I'm still working regardless of my condition. So, its either my family suffer because we can't afford for me to quit work or me and I couldn't stand for my family to suffer anymore than they already are. So what do you do....