Workman's comp is trying to kill me off

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    I'm so frustrated. I'm thinking the only way I'll get time off of work is to fall over and die. I have 2 protruding discs, one going each way. Pain down both legs, but worse than right. Add on top of this my fm, and newly discovered arthritis in my back...and I'm at the end of my rope. I finally went into see my Dr today and she said I had bursitis in both hips on top of everything else, but she wouldn't even put me off work for a few weeks to heal. I may have to take my break on the pysch unit.

    I had the discogram last Thurs and thought I would die when they got me off of the stretcher. I was prepared for the terrible pain during the procedure, but the worst part was afterwards. Before the procedure I told my Dr I was scheduled for an emg the next day..the only thing he said was that the emg was really working me up. So, the next day I'm still in unbearable pain, my ride backed out without notice and nobody else would drive me, so I limped out to car and drove myself 35 miles to appt. Was near tears the whole time. Then when my Dr saw me he said he would have rescheduled if he had realized I would be in for an emg...because he always has his patients stay in bed for 48 hrs. I was too tired to even yell at him. I did add that I had to drive myself. Then he asked if I wanted to proceed...gee, drove 1hr to get here..get it over with. I think I need to put myself out to pasture.

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to get these people to see the light? I can't take the pain of working all this week. I don't go back to see surgeon until next week.

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    Do you have a workers comp attorney? I am sorry you are going thru this. The system sucks.
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    I soo know what you are going through. I have been there before. It is the biggest bunch of crap one can go through. I need to ask, do you have a supportive boss? Is this a work comp Doctor or your own? And do you have a case manager? Do not let these people intimidate you. They are going to push you to the limit and try to make you work every day. IF you can't don't period. You have to stand your ground here because these people will push you all the way. IF your off work they have to pay you and trust me they do not like to do that. If you get guff then you need to get intouch with an Attorney. But if you do not feel you can work and especialy after all those tests then I wouldn't. You are the only one that knows what your pain tolerence is and if it is too much then you need to care for yourself. I am serious, I would call that Doctor and demand to speak with him or go in and be blunt, you are in too much pain to do anything period let alone work.
    I wish you the best of luck and am real cerious about the above questions.
    Take care,
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    I can't find a Dr that will agree with me being off. I tried to get my own Dr to do it and she did everything but put me off. I basically begged both workman comp Dr's...the back pain specialist and the surgeon to let me off. They just keep telling me they can't let me off work and change me doesn't matter unless they write 1 hr in bed ever 2 hr...and we all know that is not going to happen.

    I'm trying one more Dr today, one that a few of my friends go to and think highly of. I feel guilty since I have always thought a lot of my DR, but she doesn't seem to get it.

    Can a lawyer do anything if no one agrees that i need time off of work? They are not paying me when I call in because the Dr didn't approve it. They have been using my personal time for all procedures, instead of my workman's comp pay. I just don't know what to do if there isn't any dr's that will stand up for me. I appreciate all advice. This morning I drove up there, limped down the very long corrider to get to the side of hospital I work in and went straight to staffing office and told them I couldn't work and turned around and went home.

    My supervisor is new to our unit, although I injured myself on her unit to begin with. I think they all want me gone because of the fm. I had put in for a transfer to first opening away from floor nursing, but nothing came up before I injured myself. Maybe I will try to call attorney after I hear from this other dr. I don't know what I will do if he doesn't agree to put me off of work.

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    Susan, they can NOT by law use your personal time for your appointments. If this is workcomp your dealing with for the procedures you contact your attorney and tell them they are using your personal time. That time is yours that you earned to do with NOT for the procedures that the Doc's are sending you to due to the wcomp injury. Boy oh boy would i be going through the roof. You know I feel very bad for you but if you have all this crap going on and your own Doc isn't supporting you i thik we would have words. I feel very bad for you right now. Contact your attorney and give him the heads up. Most of them know Doc's who can assist you.
    Good luck dear.


    Hi SuzieQ,

    First of all, I know exactly what you are going through. My dilema started in Dec of 2000, when I firsted started to have sharp pain in my neck. I notified my employer and I knew the cause, it was because my desk was not ergonomically set-up correctly, and nothing was done to correct it nor was I sent for medical attention. Mainly because I worked in Human Resources and we CAN'T file a claim. What would all the employees say, were their words.

    Needless to say, 2001 went by and in April of 2002, the pain had gradually increased to my neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists and hands. With this pain, I also felt constant numbness, couldn't sleep or was awaken at night. I really thought that I was going to have a heart attack. So after almost 2 years of asking for a new desk and the pain getting worse, I sought treatment with my private doctor in June of 2002.

    My private doctor informed me that he could not treat me due to the symptoms that I reported to him were that of Carpel Tunnel. My doctor informed me that if he were to treat me and the insurance company found out that he was treating me for a work related injury, chances are that I would have to pay the bill. So now I was up against the employer and in Human Resource? What's this world coming to.

    I reported this information to my employer and was sent to the company doctor for an evaluation.Diagnosis....Bilateral Carpel Tunnel. I too, was placed on return to work light duty and must wear wrist splints. This company doctor recommended that I have surgery to correct the problem. However, I had seen the type of surgeries these en-ept doctors performed on our employees. There were times that the employees had to go back 2 to 3 times to re-due the surgery for whatever reasons. That's why I played the waiting game of the 30 day control.

    Keep in mind that the majority of my job responsibilities were mainly focused on the computer so it was really hard to keep focused on my job and the pain. The company doctor also placed me on a program of physical therapy which consisted of massage, electrical stem, and acupunture. None of this was working because I had so much pain in my upper extremities as well as my wrist and hands.

    As I stated before, the company has control of your medical treatment for 30 days and then you can seek your own least that was what it was last year. The employer and the w/comp people hate that when you do this because they lose all control. They usually work with doctors who are really "sell outs" for injured workers.

    After the 30 day control was over, I requested a second opinion and it also came back that I needed surgery. Mind you, I had been making these appts with the help of the w/comp claims adjuster BUT no attorney.

    Anyhoot, I requested that the claims adjuster provide me with another opinion for treatment to avoid surgery at all cost, to which is know as "conservative treatment." It was approved and within your right to request conservative treatment.

    The problem started when I started to see a Chiropractor of my choice. What I wanted to do was elimate the pain in my upper extremites so then I could find a GOOD surgeon for surgery. I started seeing the Chiro in August and he put me off and I have been off ever since. It's unfortuneat but my condition was so severe or past severe that my body had started to attack me from head to toe. The w/comp insurance then started to give me a problem because I wanted to see a Rhuemy to find out why I was having these pains throughout my body. That's when the fun began. They denied my treatment. I knew that I could not do this on my own so I hired an Attorney. Doesn't the w/comp system know that it is more expensive for them to fight with attorneys than it is for them to work with the injured worker?

    Anyhoot, my attorney sent me to a Rheumy on a "lien" basis but I did not care. I just wanted to find out what was wrong with me. After seeing the Rhuemy, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It's odd and I think about it...but this all started in Dec of 2000 with just a sharp pain to my neck that could have taken care of with medical treatment or the purchase of a $500 desk.

    So there's my story. Oh one more employer will ask you to make your appts. for physical therapy on your own time and not during working hours. Why? Because anytime that you are off to see a doctor for this work related injury, it is considered "Lost Time" and the w/comp insurance has to pay you 66 2/3 of your salary.

    The employer should not be asking you to use your personal time for these appts if you have filed a w/comp claim. Once a month, the w/comp people will send a compensation request form to the employer asking for details of your schedule and if any time was taken off for medical treatment related to your injury. That is when you should receive a check for Lost time. Also, anytime you drive to the doctor for treatment, you should also be keeping track of mileage because that is also reimbursed.

    If you employer is not reporting this to the w/comp then you have an even bigger issue. Find yourself a GOOD ATTORNEY NOW! Employers tend to want to keep this info a secret from the w/comp because then their experience ratings at the time of renewal do not increase. But the way I look at it...employers need to think, that they have paid for years large amounts of money on a monthly basis and sometimes they never use it. So why penalize the injured workers!

    I mean, I could go on and on......but you have rights! If you feel that you need to see doctors that are respectable and applicant doctors....GET AN ATTORNEY!

    Good Luck To you SuzieQ
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    Well, you all will be happy to know that I have called and can get in tomorrow to see the attorney. I went to that local dr and he said he couldn't do much other than write me an excuse for today, and set up for a second opinion. He offered me pain medication. I told him I did not want medication, I just wanted a chance for my body to rest and get feeling a little better. He did state it was obvious I couldn't work because I couldn't even sit up straight.

    I'm too nice of a person that is my problem. I just can't believe that people in healthcare could be so malicious and turn on their own's a non profit catholic hospital. I'm just worried how long it will take to get some money out of them if I don't go to work. I guess I will know more after tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

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    NO NO NO......I can't stand to even read your post. YOU need to get some professional help and I don't mean yesterday!!!!!! First of all do you have an atty? Don't get me wrong I am not real thrilled with them myself but you are in a little bit more than just a runny nose here! Where are you from? Also as I posted today, I went thru this WC thing and they damn near killed me too, Yes a diskogram is nothing short of torture and you need some support here! If you get a chance jump over to this link and get to know these people, we have all been thru the ropes of WC and there is some valuble help there and they will welcome you with open arms as warmly as you all did me here.
    Hope this helps, go there ASAP and see if you might get some help. Let me know what part of the country you are as well, never know who we may know. GOOD LUCK....JYN


    Just wanted to know what's up with your case? Did you ever get an attorney? If so, does it seem to be working in your favor?