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    I have been watching this board with interest these past weeks.
    I am on my own spirital journey I seem to be exploring with my art.
    I am a painter and a lot of my work comes unbidden in the form of space, light, colours, angels,planets, suns and stars.
    I have painted a whole series with this theme.
    My favorite is one that I gave my grandaughter for her 17th birthday: it shows planets and stars done in golden colours.
    In one corner behind a spiral I have hidden a tiny nude female figure, she is hard to see unless pointed out.
    The title of the painting is:" Before the world was made I knew you".
    I love this biblical passage and it also seems to fit with the post about the life after death experience that Rain posted.
    Anyway, I have tried to download an example of my work but I can not get it to work, any hints?
    Love to all Denamay

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    Tiggy, I just tried agin with my picture, it still does not work, it must be something with my program.
    I am sure that I followed your instructions, any way I have an other idea to try.

    I must tell you that my cat's name is tigger and she cetainly lives up to her name.
    She is a little bit on the wild side.

    She is a stray that lived on her own, outdoors in the middle of winter.

    We love her very much, what a character with a personality and a mind of her own!

    Take good care, love Denamay.