World Congress on CFS Validation SSD?

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    I came across this while doing some research this morning. I thought it very interesting ...especially in light of what is occurring in the UK.

    1) From Nancy Klimas (Miami) CFS ia a model of Neuro-endocrine-immune interaction with immune activation, autonomic changes and alterations in the HPA axis. The immune system is both a cause and effect interacting with the autonomic nervous system and HPA axis.

    2) From G. Moorkens (Antwerp) From comprehensive hormone testing, significant changes in growth hormone secretion during insulin tolerance testing and nocturnal GH secretion
    where found. Increase in visceral fat (measured by CT scan),a characteristic of GH deficiency was clearly demonstrated and most probably related to poor sleep.

    3) From N. Posner (Queensland) Significant degree of functional impairment. Using SF36 it was determined these patients have significant physical role limitations. 8 Deminsions were assessed and the means for each were markedly lower then population norms.

    The least differences were in MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL
    role limitations.

    Results were dissimilar from most other disease profiles, particularly depression and indicate a very significant degree of FUNCTIONAL IMPAIRMENT.

    *** Support needs should and need to be recognized.***

    4) From P. deBecker (Brusselss) Presented two papers on exercise capacity in CFS patients. Found:

    a. CFS patients were limited in their capacity to perform physical activities.

    b. Females on average were more impaired then males.

    c. Exercise parameters were generally down with a mean working capacity of approx. 55% of the norm.

    5) From C. Sargent (Adelaide, SA) Found that CFS WERE NOT DECONDITIONED.

    Found that CFS patients had normal exercise capacity with ABNORMAL lactic acid accumulation demonstrated from the beginning of exercise. ( Causing Pain) Saying that CFS patients are physically able to move ... not parts broken... yet painful from the onset.

    There of course was alot more information listed but I wanted to list what I thought were some of the highlights.

    For those of you in the UK ... I hope someone again rubs this in the face of "The Wessley School" and brings a hault to the abuse of power for ego. ( I say "again" due to the date of this conference ... He was certainly able to read it for himself.)

    Take care,

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    Thanks for posting it.

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    Your welcome. I thought it might help those going through disability claims, or those facing a review for disability.

    Could also stop insurance companies from running straight over you. By producing this, a person would obviously be showing they did their homwork and can't be railroaded.

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    Bumping .... E.

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