Worms, parasites and CFS, oh my! .... Anyone ever have / treat parasite or human worm problem?

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    Hello again, friends,

    I recently posted about not being able to lose weight, but now a new concern has arisen.

    I have had a Chinese Medicine professional come to my house, (I am totally housebound from ME/CFS et al.) and she said that she thinks that I have some parasitic issues going on. She used muscle testing, and I am just not sure about what to believe at this point.

    I am wondering if anyone has ever had issues with parasites / worms in the body. What was the overall experience, from beginning symptoms to treatments side effects, to end results? Are there gentle treatments by any chance? Also, after treatment, did you have a relief of any prior symptoms (fatigue, pain, rashes, dizziness, faintness, ibs, chills, weakness, fevors etc etc.?)

    All thoughts and stories would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you everyone!
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    I was tested for parasites with a scraping from the bowel wall and blood tests. A type of worm was found and a parasite. I was successfully treated with Vermox and antibiotics (it wasn't difficult, took a couple of weeks) and tested clean in followup tests the next two months.

    While the gastro symptoms cleared up, none of my ME/CFS symptoms changed.

    This is just my experience though. I had tried herbal and natural remedies--they didn't work!
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    This is a good anti parasite protocol which I have also done by Dr Klinghardt. I altered it so that the stuff he wants us to take for 2 weeks I only did for a week each and then after a month i repeated the protocol. This will target most all kinds of parasites. I found the most benefit from Biltricide and Alinia.

    Dr. Klinghardt protocol for parasites

    Anti-Parasite Treatment

    Biltricide 600mg 2 three times per day for two days (to get the liver flukes)

    Ivermectin 12mg -1 tablet four times per day for 14 days take at same time as Pyrantel Pamoate

    Pyrantel Pamoate 1000mg per day at bedtime for 14 days - take at same time as Ivermectin

    Albenza 200mg (after completing 14 days on Ivermectin and Pyrantel) 2 tablets twice per day for 14 days

    Alinia 500mg (after completing Albenza) 2 twice per day for 14 days

    Order of treatment: Biltricide Ivermectin /Pyrantel Albenza Alinia

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    Thank you Tooks and Deepak, for these beautifully thorough postings on what helped you! I will begin researching these things now!! Thank you so much.