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  1. trishabeth

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    I have a low immune system and get worms easily. When I take worm medicine, I often recatch colds and viruses that I previously thought I'm gotten rid of. Anyone know about this sort of thing?
  2. ilovecats94

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    I was just wondering what type of worm? You have proof you have worms? From a stool sample or blood test? Roundworms, pinworms, etc?

  3. trishabeth

    trishabeth New Member

    I have had a tapeworm for years. I take garlic, and I excrete some segments and feel a bit more energetic for a while but I never quite get rid of it. I have taken food grade hydrogen peroxide and passed 2 roundworms on 2 occasions. also, some other type of parasite that looks like broccolli flowerettes that float. (I never eat broccoli) theres about 300 of them in the toilet after I take the peroxide.
    most everyone has worms at some point or another or some kind or another but I would like to rid myself once and for all. I feel better for a short time after I pass some. Also brain fog lifts some. I wondered if I had brain flukes too?
    Also when my butt itches at night I know I have pinworms again.
    when ever I get over a cold, or flu, it is not really gone. It seems the tapeworm takes it and when the next time I try to kill off the tapeworm, it releases the virus or toxins and makes me sick all over again.
  4. trishabeth

    trishabeth New Member

    I was tested a couple of times. I dont like to take in stool samples. They don't even find everything all the time. I can tell if I have worms or not. I hate the tapeworm. It bites me right around my bellybutton.
  5. carebelle

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    Trishabeth I have never heard of a tape worm biteing someone that sounds horrible.You need to get to a doctor to get something very strong to take care of them.
    If you have inside you what you have said you need more the one cleaning out.

    Working on a farm can but you at risk for lots of things.But please do not stop till you are rid of those things .Get to your doctor on monday. no wonder you feel so bad.