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    Could someone with the info please post what works to kill these monsters.I have a real bad neck and cannot go through all the posts. it is vital information so it wouldn't hurt to post it again. I know i have one in my throat i can feel it after i eat a cake or something sweet sucking on the inside of my thorat.I didn't know what it was at first then it hit me i was at work but had a bottle of wormwood so i mix some with water and it stopped right away so i knew what it was.I can also feel it in my abdomen moving like a baby. I hope it is the same one haven't felt them at the same time .Also in my eyes going to the eye Dr. tomorrow i can see white bumps that don't belong there.My friends Dr.found a large one in her eye.If Hulda clarks paracleasne doesn't work what does
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    It would help to know which type it is. There are many different anti-parasitic drugs. You might try to get your doctor to give you a script for Flagyl or Tindamax and see how you do. If your doc won't go online and find a pharmacy that will do it online and write you the script. Flagyl is very inexpensive. Good luck!
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    i know when i was growing up in missouri that almost al people had parasites. we went and got medicine from the dr. and the folks would give this to all of us kids every year without fail. after i moved to iowa in 1967 the dr. that i had then,(in a clinic) also gave me the med for my children.

    last week on oprah, dr oz. was on and talking about this very thing. he showed a tapeworm that gets inside some people that can grow up to 30 feet long. he said that those people usually start losing weight as the tapeworm eats thier food. he also showed some other forms, so doctors do still treat for this condition. i would be checked.

    dr oz. said to take a strip of tape (cloth or adhesive, probably) and to tape it over the opening of the anus before going to bed. at night the worm come out to lay more eggs and the tape catches them. he said to then take the tape to the dr. and they can test for the eggs and tell you. hope this helps.
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    Google Humaworm. You will find inexpensive way to treat parasites. I do it every 6 months.
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    Thats interesting you mentioned this product. I was thinking of asking if anyone had used it. What has your experience been with it? How long did you take it for? Did you feel a "herx like" reaction to it? Did you take it while on other meds? I think I might try this. All those years of eating sushi, I'm sure I got something in there... :)
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    I didn't "see" any parasites during my cleanse like my sister did, but I wasn't looking for them either.

    My experience included mild herx like reaction. Just feeling a bit yucky, nothing major. I also got very bloated after the first week or so. I felt 4 months pregnant and it looked really weird! I guess that is common with this cleanse.

    A friend of ours did get very ill when doing the clease. She had some type of parasite near her heart. Around the three week period she had major gasto symptoms that lasted a few days. It must depend on what type of parasites you are killing off.

    It is estimated that 90% of Americans have parasites. You get them from swimming in lakes or oceans, eating meat, eating in restaurants, eating raw foods not cleaned properly, sushi, from your pets, etc. Many people dont' notice ill effects, but folks like us suffer a bit because of our immune systems and all the other stuff we have.

    I'm doing another cleanse as soon as it comes in the mail. I've finally talked hubby into doing it and my son too. We will all do this together including our two dogs. That way we avoid reinfection from each other.

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    You are so funny!! But maybe it would be cheaper that way??

    Humaworm offers drops for dogs. It's really easy to de-worm them and not expensive either. It's on another page of the website. I bought those as well.

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    Hi all,
    I have been wanting to do this and figured now would be a good time to order and stop procrastinating.

    However, I took a look at the ingredients, and one of them is PauD'Arco. Acouple yrs. ago I came down with the worst case of hives ....face swollen so I coulnd't even get my eyeglasses on. I ended up in the ER.

    The only thing I had done differently was drinking PauD'Arco tea, since it was suppossed to help Candida. Since then, when I see that word I stay away.

    Can anyone reccommend another product that would work as well?

    Thanks guys,
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    If you thin you have parasites, and you have a good repoir with you doc, ask for a trial of Flagy or Tindamax to start. Then go from there. It may take a while to find a doc to cooperate, but they will. The herbs will help, but I believe they need to be combined with the meds especially if it has been in your system a long time.
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    This really interested me, my docter is a MD, plus a DO and he does testing with G Tech. This is homeopactic and it proves that we heal in layers. It was my third visit that the testing ,the parsite Necator americanus showed up. I had been in Texas for a few years and it is in the Southern states where they are at. I was totally freaked out and wanted an RX script, but he insisted we do it the natural way. MY next testing they were gone. He said some people have three or four. I had them around 5 years and they can be in any part of your body. If anyone has done homeopactic, I will find the remedy. He is a well known docter in the area, and I trust him, he wouldn't take the risk on his reputation. I have had success with this treatment. I also swichted from Cymbalta to effexor, we tend to build up a tolerance after awhile and I take D3 and and Vitazyme, with enzyme and amino acid, this improved my IBS and aid in absorption, as it is a capsule in powder form.
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    Hi Fellow sufferers,
    I am a microbiologist ( clinical ) and I have tested thousands and thousands of stools in my job. I would say 99.9 percent of everyday people in this country DO NOT carry parasites. Honestly !!! The 2 most common parasites in the U.S. are giardia llamblia and cryptosporidium. Both are acquired though contaminated water or from close contact with an infected person. Giardia is the most common and causes explosive, foamy diarrhea that smells really bad... in other words you would know something were wrong. People camping can pick it up from lake, pond water. Manufacturers of anti-parasitic "cleansers" want you to believe that we are all infested with these creatures and need to be purged. Don't believe it !!! Yes, tapeworms do exist and human roundworms also... they are also rare in the U.S. anytime we've encountered them in our laboratory the patient has either traveled or was from a foreign country. I have never encountered anyone with a tapeworm i my 20 years experience although we do have a 30 ft. tapeworm in formalin on display that must have been isolated before i came to this lab. I've only seen a human roundworm once and like i said the patient was a foreigner !! I hope this puts your mind at ease !!!!

    Love, susabar
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    Yes, my online freinds post pic of thier poop and sure enough, there are parasites to be found.

    They normally wouldn't show up in a stool sample unless they are killed off and pass through, so I could see why you wouldn't find any. It's those of us who use the products and kill them that find them in our stools.

    Same for my dogs. The vet has never found parasites in their stools. But I sure have!!!

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    There's a chart on this website detailing the results of testing in patients plus lots more info! I have to wonder what else is tranmitted by ticks. They are vile creatures harboring all sorts of pathogens.


    Detecting Microbes
    Omar Amin, Ph.D.

    Chapter 15 of Optimal Digestive Health - A Complete Guide, edited by Trent W. Nichols, MD, and Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH.

    Published by Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont
    Copyright 1999, 2005 by Nancy Faass and by Trent W. Nichols, M.D.

    Many of us have heard about illnesses caused by Giardia and other parasites, but we tend to overlook connections between these microbes and digestive disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, microscopic parasites probably cause more than 90 percent of all parasitic infections in the United States. Many doctors believe we may be seriously underestimating parasites as contributors to disease. Worldwide, infections diarrhea due to cholera, amoebas, Giardia, and Blastocystis, among others, is the second leading cause of death, fatal to 3 million people a year.


    We consider this type of problem an exception in America, a rarity. Most doctors and patients don’t usually think of parasites as a common cause of illness. We assume we’ve eradicated these problems with modern sanitation and water treatment. But research shows that parasitic infection is common, and the incidence is increasing. In many cases these infections underlie familiar digestive illness and other conditions as well.

    Symptoms of intestinal infection are not isolated or unusual. Opportunities for exposure to and transmission of parasitic infection increase as overseas travel and immigration expand. Parasites are also transmitted in food processed through mass methods of farming, food manufacturing, and shipping from sources all over the world. Water treatment in huge urban systems is unable to totally eliminate contamination and periodically makes it worse.

    Giardia, for instance, is often waterborne, and these infections are on the rise. In 1997, The Wall Street Journal reported an average of 2 million cases annually in the United States. Giardia is also a problem worldwide, even in some modern cities (via the public water systems).

    Cyclospora, a parasite in the news, is tracked as a new or emerging pathogen; sometimes it is transmitted on imported fruit. In 1996 it was found on Guatemalan strawberries and raspberries. However, it is also domestic and common in the United States; like all infectious agents, it can be transferred in stool, on human hands, and as contaminants in food, especially fresh vegetables and fruit, and water.

    Cryptosporidium, another waterborne parasite, caused illness in more than 400,000 people in Milwaukee in 1993. More than 4,000 were hospitalized, and more than 100 died. Cryptosporidium is found in the public water systems and reservoirs of many American cities. In some places, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, it is known to be transmitted by the runoff from hillsides where cattle graze, upstream from unprotected reservoirs.

    A Case of Undetected Infection

    When he was about 6, Tony started having problems connected with his digestion. Tests for paratites came out negative. The doctor said it was ulcerative colitis and put Tony on a variety of medications, including steroids. However, his condition did not improve; in fact, it actually worsened. More tests were performed and a stool sample was sent to a lab specializing in the detection of parasites. An infection with Entamoeba histolytica, a common but virulent amoeba, was detected. Based on the information from the test results, another of Tony’s doctors prescribed medication targeted at clearing the parasite, and his symptoms resolved.

    It is impossible to determine if the E. histolytica infection caused the ulcerative symptoms (which it often does) or if an earlier intestinal condition compromised the integrity of the GI lining, paving the way for the E. histolytica to become established. It is clear that the host-parasite relationship was a causal influence, since the elimination of the parasite was instrumental in resolving the ulcerative condition. The key component here is the proper identification of the specific parasite in the test sample

    What happened in Milwaukee drew the attention of the media and the public because so many people were affected. But doctors are coming to believe that all over the country this kind of infection happens every day. Most of us live crowded together in big cities, many of us travel overseas, we frequently have contact with people from all over the world, and we have many opportunities for exposure.

    In a survey of 5,792 samples received at the Parasitology Center, Inc., in 2000, of 2,896 patients, 916 (32 percent of) patients were infected with parasites; higher than the previously reported national average of about 20 percent.

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    I agree with Molly, Humaworm is an awesome product containing herbs. Some people get a herx (die off symptoms) in the first week, others never get a herx. I didn't have any type herx reaction until my third week. I got diarreah and flu-like symptoms. It lasted for days and days.

    I was very concerned so I posted. The president of Humaworm, R.G., is an amazing, caring man. There's a Humaworm forum under the CureZone.com website. R.G. takes time to answer all the posts and for me that was a blessing. He assured me that I was experiencing die-off and that was a good thing. Sure enough, it was die off and that yucky feeling finally passed.

    This product is not harmful, yet can prove beneficial as it did in my case. I've been dealing with a runny nose and sinus problems for 2 years, and a sore under the tip of my nose which always hurt when I touch it, and the tip of my nose was always red on that side. The reason I took Humaworm is b/c I've been dealing with a sore tongue and complained to my doctor who thought I might give Humaworm a try. So I really tried Humaworm to see if my tongue would clear up, but to my surprise my runny nose of 2 years cleared up!! yea!! and it's not red and sore anymore! And I'm not always clearing my throat to get that 'food-stuck-feeling' out of there anymore. I must have had some type of parastitic infection. The FFC gave me some silver product for the sinus problem before but it didn't help long term. Humaworm did the trick and I'm thrilled. I'll do Humaworm in another 90 days, it's so inexpensive for the results and feel it's a very high quality product and such an easy cleanse.. just take 2 capsules every day, morning and night.

    Check out Humaworm's website. I'm pasted this from their 'History' link:

    Our grandmother was born in 1907, her mother was full blooded Choctaw Indian who was a local "medicine woman" of sorts. Our grandmother took on the herbal tradition and became a local hero during the depression when MANY people would come to her for help with all sorts of ailments including parasite problems. My mother helped her open a SMALL herb shop beside her home in the mid 70's because she had simply outgrown her "cottage industry". My mother also helped to improve my grandmother's famous "wormer" formula by researching and importing herbs that had been unavailable to my grandmother and great-grandmother. It's strong, yet gentle. (My grandmother's formula could've cleaned out an elephant!) Now the 4th generation is grown. We have bankers, lawyers and even a "real" doctor in the family, who, by the way, took a parastilogy course in med school and was taught NOTHING about parasites in America! Over the years, the family has improved the HUMAWORM Formula and modernized the manufacturing process. We are currently reaching out across America and the world helping people learn about parasites and their removal.

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    Does it help the symptoms of Fibro after the cleanse?

    What differences do you notice. Give details.

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    Fibro, CFS, Lyme, all these chronic conditions are so multi-faceted. My fibro pain has been under control so to answer your question, Humaworm didn't do anything for the fibro. But come to think of it, maybe I did start feeling a little more energy.

    I never had sinus problems until fibro came to visit me. Sinus problems are another underlying symptom of so many conditions, that I think by doing Humaworm and getting rid of this runny nose and the sinus problem, I just peeled back another layer of the onion. By me spending about $1 per day for 30 days and taking Humaworm, it was a huge bonus to realize this runny nose/sinus problem cleared up!
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    Did it make you nauseous (sp?) or dizzy or anything?

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    I respect very much what you do for a living and what you said. I am glad you spoke up. But there are many I am sure who have traveled out of the country and since all of us have compromised immune systems that counts.

    In addition, since CFS in so many ways is like AIDS I would be curious not that you probably know because it is not listed how many stools of AIDS or HIV patients have parasites?

    And finally, they are very good at hidding, and just as a quick note, they never could find any in me. Finally, since I was convinced after using Tindamax for another reason I had them culture my semen. Sure enough, not in the stool, but in the semen was Trichmonis. So you never know.
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    Yes, those were the flu-like symptoms I got. I was nausaus. It went on for days (for me). That's when I posted b/c I was concerned and R.G. assured me I was having die-off and it will pass, and it did. Fine with me as long as those little buggers started dying and getting out of me.
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    I think the friend she's referring to is me. I have no idea if I had/have a parasite near my heart. I had muscle testing done on me (that's where they hold bottles of herbs to your body and see how your body responds/answers to it). I suspect they held a bottle of 'heart complex' near me and my body responded as if it wanted more of that product. They said something about some type of parastitic infection near my heart. I took the product for about 30 days but like everything else we come across, I didn't continue b/c doing too many things is too overwhelming. I would much rather do the Humaworm than take this other product.