Worn out and working on a diagnosis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kerrieg, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. kerrieg

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    I have recently started down a road to diagnosis, of what I am not sure but I am SO tired. I had a "episode" about 3 weeks ago, rash all over, severs joint pain, hands and feet swelled. My doc sent me to a specialist 4 hours away, it took me amost 6 hours to get there because I was hurting so badly. Anyway after seeing her I feel even more confused than ever. She did say she didn't think it was RA or Lupus ,but could possibly be fibromyalgia or even a virus. She did 20 diffrent labs and I haven't heard from those yet but here's whats bothering me. Joint pain, back pain, my skin feels raw like it's been burnt over hip,elbows and hand. I sleep about 4 hours a night I am exhausted and I have this weird think, my skin feels like it's crawling and it in patches not like a cold chill.And I am forgetting everday things. Does anone have any thoughts on labs that would be helpful for diagnosis? or anythoughts at this point would just be comforting.
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    having to go through all these tests, but FMS and CFS are diagnosed through the process of elimination.For FMS that includes tender points.Linda

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