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    Hi. I think I might be overreacting as most people on these boards seem to have very serious problems with Chronic Fatigue. The thing is I'm worried and just wanted a little info. I got Glandular fever about 2 years ago which cleared after about a week or so. After that evry couple of months or so and normally after being run down or with a cold, I would get swollen tonsils and white spots on them. It's never really affected me too much until I got these symptoms again about a week ago. I waited until the white spots went as always and then carried on normally (going out, drinking, enjoying myself). As a result on a couple of occasions I didn't get a thorough nights sleep. Now for the last few days I have felt continously fatigued even though I have purposely rested and done no exercise. I'm worried that this feeling won't go away. Am I just overreacting or have I got something to worry about? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    which won't go away, you need to seek medical advice.

    This is only my opinion here. I am not a doctor. That is usually the way CFS starts -- with a chronic infecion of some kind.

    take care of yourself
    hugs from Cat
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    Is it a feeling of fatigue that you have NEVER felt before? Do you have other symptoms with it? If you answer yes to either of these questions then I would be worried.