Worried about my daughter , she has a bad cough

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    My 22 yr old daughter adn her husband adn my 18 month old grandson are spending a few days with is for him to make up his drill time.

    My poor daughter is about 6 + month pregnant and has the worst cold and horrid cough. She has been working at a day care center in Odgen and thinks that she is going to go to work today even though she has been up most of the night with this cough.

    I am getting really worried aobu ther as she gcan't breathe and is coughing so hard that I can hear her down stairs in my room.

    I hope that she will call in sick and tell them that she is going to see a doctor here in Logan so that she can get some thing for this bad cold and cough as I don't want her to get worse and have this turn in ot phemunonia. My grandson also has the same crudy cough and coughs as hard as he can.

    She went back to bed now and I told her that she needed to call her work and tell them that this cold is worse and she is out of town and is going to see a doctor while she is here.

    I don't feel that her boss should be angry with her for not comming in as she has had this now for a week. And she has been so much sicker with this baby than the last one. SO I am worried and can't sleep.

    I can only hope that she will relieze that it is not good for her to to go to work sounding like she does. For all she knows she is infectionous and could spread this stuff to the other staff and kids that are there as well.

    I just hope that she fill get me find her a doctor to see her for this cough and congestion so that she can find out if this is a cold or something much worse.

    HEr cough is so tight and deep that she shoulds like a saint bernard barking whhen she coughs and she is so exusted from not sleeping that she is struggleing to get better and now with her little boy being sick as well she is not getting any more than a few hours of rest.

    I know that I am a worrier and this is really getting to me as i want her to be seen here by a doctor and not have to drive a hours drive to her job only to be told to go home becuase she is so sick..

    Sorry I am sounding like a worried mom but this is driving me nuts , I know that she is an adult and knows what she needs to do. but as a mom I know a bad cough when I hear one and this one is really bad.

    I will let ou know if she does give in and calls the daycare center to tell them that she is much worse and will not be in today as she is going to the doctor.
    I hope that she will do that and not go to work.

    I am just a worrier when it comes to my daughters no matter how old they are. AS she is my baby girl my last baby I had so I tend to worry more about her than the other two and even more because she is expecting a baby girl in Jan of 2007.
    Pray for her to know that she nees to see a doctor asap in the morning,
    LOve ya,

    sorry about my worring out loud, I am just a mom who wants her daughter to feel better now and worried because of her being pregant and having a bad cough,
  2. Gail8899

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    I had a bad cough when I was at 37 weeks with my first baby. I coughed so hard that my water started leaking which resulted in an emergency c section. Turns out the cough was pneumonia which nearly killed me and my son. You have good reason to be worried. She needs to see a dr.
  3. ksp56

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    What a good mama you are!

    There has been a virus (Indiana) spreading like crazy here.

    After three weeks of brohncitis, feeling fatigued, stuffy head; I finally went to my GP, Friday. He said it is a virus going around and many are getting it. He has seen it last up to six weeks.

    With your daughter being pregnant she still should go in to see if there is anything that needs to be done. Grandson too...

    I wouldn't think her workplace would want her there as bad as she is. If it's similar to virus here, those who come in contact, are likely to get it.

    Prayers for you all!

  4. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Wish I had a mom like you. Your daughter needs to see a doc. asap. There is a wicked bug going around here. I have been fighting it for 6 weeks. She has more than herself to look after. Please do her a favor and bundle her up and take her to the doc or a clinic today ok?
  5. Liz919

    Liz919 New Member

    She does sound bad off. I hope you can strong arm her into getting to a doctor. And as a parent with kids in daycare....we wouldn't want her there while she's that sick. Not being mean you understand but it's better for everyone if she just gives in and goes to the doctor. She'll feel better and she won't spread it to the entire center. IF you have to I'd suggest guilting her into it. Staying sick could make her baby suffer and her other child as well. Hope you get her to the doc! :)

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