Worried About Shaking

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crafts1234, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. crafts1234

    crafts1234 Member

    Good Morning everyone and A Very Blessed Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen I am worried abour shaking when I walk and triping over nothing and of course progreswsive brain fog.
    I have only had the shaking a little a little in the past coming down my stairs, but now it is almost all the time usually in my legs. It's like a nervous disability or a person aging...Lord I do hope I do not have signs of aging I'm to young (59 years young).
    Now the triping I seem to loose my balance over very little or nothing. I have had a few falls that have scared my son, but I had no control over them because they happened so quickly. I could not put my hands out to save my-self so I went down face first. GOD I have to thank YOU SIR for keeping all this inside where there is less damage, to my face and body.
    Have A Blessed Day.....Mary
  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I think you should be seen...the falling isn't fun, but it could be a sign of something else. Please try to get this checked out. Take care....Terri
  3. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    A neurologist needs to check you out before you hurt yourself.

  4. crafts1234

    crafts1234 Member

    Bless you all for your responses. I do have a slight problem I do not have medical insurance, but I am extremely fortunately in another. My son's doctor who used to be mine will check me out when I take my son in for check-ups and write my pain prescriptions when I need them. In the last four months he put me on Wellbutrin and I like it, but I'm wondering if this is a side effect like weight loss. I have lost weight and I eat what I want. Again thank you all for your responses and I will see my son's doctor soon.
    Have A Blessed Christmas To All
  5. larryh

    larryh New Member

    They're all right. You should talk to your doctor about it. I have similar symptoms and my doctor is scheduling an MRI. He suspects MS because of the dissyness and shaking. I have teh constant brain fog too, but I think it is just because of CFS.

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  6. russiankids3

    russiankids3 New Member

    Interesting post. The other gals are right on when they say to see a doc to check this shaking and tripping thing out. Several meds or certain combos of meds can cause shaking, but there could be an underlying problem. I myself went thru the same thing as you but I just figured it was from all the meds I was on. Well eventually I sought a doc's opinion (my wonderful husband nagged me about doing so) and was sent to a neurologist then to a team of docs known as "body movement specialists". Diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's disease 2 years ago. Now I'm on meds that help and looking into other treatments.
    Please listen to your body and your heart and follow-up on this problem. Good luck to you and God bless.
  7. jaomi

    jaomi New Member

    hi mary,
    i just wanted to say that i too shake, a lot. it started as an intermittent poblem but kept getting worse. and now i twitch too, and that sometimes makes me throw things, i have twitched whilst cooking and stabbed myself in the arm. i saw a specialist a few days ago and he said it could be because im so exhausted or because the muscles have tightened up and are stressing a nerve or something like that. he says its nothing to worry about unless i start doing it and having simultaneous 'black-outs' because that would be a sign of something more serious.
    if you are really worried, see a doctor to find out for sure, it cant hurt to aire on the side of caution.

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