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    My fiancee has been diagnosed with fibro for several years now. He has had a varying degree of periods with similar symptoms and has become bedridden in the past. The last time being about 4 years ago. In December of this year he had another flare-up and has basically been in bed since then. There have been no pain free days. It started out with the normal symptoms of pain in various parts of his body and muscle twitches in legs, fatigue, and brain fog. The pain worsened by February and the Dr. decided to try a trial with Neurontin. He was on Neurontin for approximately 6 weeks, but during this time began to experience worsened pain in lower to middle back, and a new symptom which included numbness and tingling in hands and feet and sometimes his abdomen. He also feels an electrical shock feeling in his arms that feels as if he has hit his funnybone. The doctor took him off the Neurontin about 4 weeks ago but the other symptoms persist. Recently he has become off balance and staggers around when walking. Feels that his legs are week and is having visible/rapid muscle spasms in his legs when he puts weight on them. He says that he feels as if his legs are going to buckle and he is not going to be able to get up. He has had difficulty with irritable bladder and bowel in the past, but this too seems to have worsened. He had an x-ray of his spine about a month ago and now we have requested an MRI to rule out possible MS. We are in Canada and it seems to take a long time for appointments and MRI's. His appointment with the Neurologist in set for July 16th and then the MRI will follow. I am just looking for some imput as to whether anyone has been through a similar situation and also if I should be pushing harder to have the date moved a little closer.
    Thanks for your time
    Moe and Jen
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    i think its wise the dr rechecking for ms,call the neuro and ask if he can get the mri frist that way the dr can have the results when he gose to the appt,make sure you get a mri of the head and back, there are many of us who have those same symtoms,for the time being try and help him do some gentle streching and strenthing exercises
    on his legs well in bed a frist it may make the symtoms worse but it will end up helping,
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    Do try and get that appointment moved up as soon as possible. The more he can't use his limbs, the worst he is going to get.

    Like the other poster said, try stretching or moving his legs and arms as much as possible, in the bed if necessary.

    I don't know what else to tell you, hopefully Madwolf or Ac sees your post. They would be able to help more than we can.

    Take care, and please try to get him to do some kind of movements..........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    it's time for the squeaky wheel. Don't let them put him off that long.
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    Has your fiancee tried magnesium for his muscle cramping?
    It might help him a bit.

    About your neurologist appointment. I would definitely push for an earlier date. Definitely let your doctor know that his balance and walking abilities are being affected. Heck, exaggerate if necessary. The problems your fiancee is experiencing definitely deserve some attention.

    Or, we have some neuros here in the states that do not require doctor referrals. Any chance you could find one there who could get you in to an earlier appointment?

    Let us know how things go.

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    So many times I have been SO impressed with how quickly and compassionately you all respond to posts. I have been fairly quiet but reading the messages on this board has been my lifeline at times in the last few months while trying to be a support for him. I made some phone calls this afternoon to try to speed up the appt. So we will see how things go
    Thanks again everyone and God Bless.
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