worried im gonna fall asleep while out

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    Hi everyone!!! I have fibro but I'm curious about cfs. The fatigue is the main problem for me it is getting worse where I feel I'm just going to fall asleep sometimes wherever I am. I try to keep going as normal as i can for my family but its getting harder. We went to a restaurant yesterday it was all I could do to keep my eyes open, I just wanted to go home and go to bed and I was worried I wouldnt be able to make it through our lunch. I have severe muscle fatigue which cause my muscles to shake uncontrollably even after doing the simplest things. If I don't lay down throughout the day by late afternoon I get these horrible headaches in my jaw and feel sick to my stomach. Can anyone relate to this, is this fibro or could it be cfs also? Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have to fight sleep almost all of the time. The scariest is while driving to and from work. I drink on the way and take a soda with caffine on the way back. I don't drive anywhere else, but to work I have no choice at this time. My husband is understanding and will pick up on my fatique pretty quickly. If we are at my inlaws he will look over at me and then tell them he has to get me home. Sometimes, as embarrassing as it sounds, my head actually will go down on their dining room table. I was not even aware of this until my husband told me. Luckily my MIL understands since she also suffers from MS. She hates that we can't stay long though and I think she blames me for that. She comments on it a lot. I have not been diagnoised with CFS yet, but I'm sure that is what it is. I can't think of what else to possibly call it.
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    I have fm, and lately my fatigue has been getting worse. I have always fought to stay awake while driving to and from work. I find bringing a bag of baby carrots for me to munch on his helpful, with all the noise and work required. Caffiene unfortunately does nothing for me. When i go to visits friends or family and there's going to be food, i frequently bring dip and veggies, so i can munch there too! A few weeks ago my husband's family came over and i was fighting so hard to stay awake. I was so embarrassed, as i felt they could tell. i went into the bathroom and pinched myself on my leg really hard. that helped a bit! ha! I just try to limit my time out, and if we go out, i make sure it's earlier in the day. good luck and i hope this passes for you.
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    The fatigue has always been the worst of my problems. I usually only get pain when I overdo (which I always do when I get a break from the fatigue for a day or so)and I've always had trouble walking or climbing stairs. The fatigue comes on so suddenly, I've often just laid down on people's floors! Or excused myself to lie down for a while. But those things aren't always possible. Making it to work and home again has always been a problem too, because I've never felt well during the day. Now that I don't have to be anywhere or take care of anyone early in the AM, I stay up all night and sleep most of the day. Makes all the difference, but when you've got a job and a family, that's impossible.

    I spent years begging my 1st & 2nd husbands to take me out on Fri or Sat nights, and I met my present husband at a dance. Now if he asks me if I want to go out, I have to say no! Major bummer!

    I will say that since changing my diet to no carbs and no sugar, nearly 2 mos ago, the fatigue is not nearly so bad and just lying back in my lounge chair for a while works even better than the requisite 4-hr. nap used to. The real test will be doing the monthly shopping at Walmart on Oct. 1st!

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    Thank you guys for replying!!! I have to applaude those of you who do work because I know unfortunately some of you don't have a choice. Sometimes food does give me a quick pickmeup but it doesnt usually last long I find that naps help me the most, but if I'm unable to thats when things get worse. It's just so frustrating being so tired all the time and the doctors tell me there is nothing they can do except for me to exercise and take antidepressants. I just want one day to wake up and actually feel good and refreshed. Thanks and love to you all!!!