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    Dear Anna
    Thank you so much for your reply with your wise advice and kind words.
    I agree and can identify with everything you have said.I have already had cognitive behaviour therapy which worked until I had a new symptom. All of my anxiety calms down after GP visits, tests and reasssurance. Then I get a new symptom and it flares up again and I am back to square one.
    Where this cancer fear came from baffles me. I did work as a nurse on a cancer ward when I was 18 yrs old but that was such a long time ago. Then I had Methotrexate for my ectopic pregnancy and was told this drug is sometimes used for cancer patients.Then the GP said I could have Hodgekins. I suppose it could have come with any of those.
    As income is a bit low I saved money to see a Hypnotherapist but unfortunately that didnt work either. I was on anti depressants for a while last year but they left my mind "foggier" than usual. As I have 3 children, 1 just 3 yrs I did not want to take any risks.
    GERD and LPR does run in my family so it wouldnt surprise me if that is what the lump feeling is.In answer to your questions though, yes I am a smoker and I do drink 1-2 glasses of wine a day. I know I shouldnt but it helps calm my anxiousness.My diet is pretty good and I do not eat too much junk food. I grow my own herbs and make teas with these. I also cook a lot and make wholesome foods.I am taking a multi vitamin already and milk thistle to keep my liver healthy! What benefits would the magnesium give me and can I take it with the multi vitamins.
    This is a wonderful site and I am so glad I found it. Thank you for offering to help me through this forum. The replies to this post have helped me already and I am really grateful.
    Gentle hugs
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    Anne here (not anna sorry!) I thought you may be a smoker as so many people who are stressed are. You may just need a higher dose of whatever GERD med and elevate your bed at top end may help too.

    I certainly beleive that your experience when 18 working on a cancer ward, which was very different in those days too, has stayed in your mind.

    The wine may not be a good idea if you are taking meds and in fact even tylenol(acetamenophin in UK) and wine together can cause liver problems. Can you switch maybe to a non alcoholoc wine? I would hesitate drinking any sort of alcohol when even using supplements too, except rarely.

    I beleive you are in a right old tizz about this, and scaring yourself badly. As you say, when you visit the doctor and get reassured somewhat, you feel a bit better.

    I really think that the GERD is probably causing the swollen feeling, plus you also may have a tight throat muscle (globus) which is certainly made worse by being tense and fearful.

    Also although you had cognitive therapy, it sounds as if you either stopped it too soon or the practioner was not good enough.

    Also you are geting to that age now when you are seeing what is ahead and we all get a bit panicked. I do think that a wise doctor could just spend a little time with you and alleviate all of your fears. I can see how hard it is for you to let go. I used to know a person who used to say, "What is the worse thing that could happen to you-you could die, so why worry as we all will do that one day".

    I try and recall his words when I get scared as if we steal our lives away with fear and worry, we will be 70 and saying "why did I do that?"

    Do you work? Are you happy otherwise? What can you do to spend more time away from youir thoughts? I find that people who are alone a lot often dwell on their thoughts.

    You may want to ask the doctor for something called carafate here in USA that lines the esophagus, if you really cannot quit smoking, it may help. Also you need to tell him or her that you drink and smoke as they will need to know that, even if they lecture you, to prescribe safely.

    I am glad you eat healthily. Also the lower esophageal sphincter is lax in people with GERD and some things can cause it to be lax. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol of course, but muscle relaxerslike valium also will do this, as will certain herbs. Maybe you could get advice re a herbal tea that helps strengthen that sphincter? Methotrexate is mostly used for rheumatoid arthritis being a steroid, and is to be avoided with FM/CFS/ME.

    I want to validate your feelings here. You are scared, you are suffering, and it is OK. You are not alone. You can overcome these feelings by avoiding over medicalizing your thoughts and reading. Don't watch ER whatever!!! We get drawn to details and obituaries when we feel this way and the first step is stopping doing these things that trigger the thoughts.

    I also wanted to say that instead of posting a new post, just press reply so your posts stay together. You can still edit as the sidebar will remain. If you want to contact me directly, as this board moves fast, please just post OT. Cromwell.

    Try and think good thoughts and give yourself permission to relax. It sounds as if you like to garden? Me too, but it is so hot here and humid we are staying close to air conditioners today as much as possible.

    I used to live in UK, Cheshire, Cornwall, Scotland and Jersey and trained there and moved here when I was about 36.
    We grew herbs on a smallholding in Cornwall I wish we were still there. Everything is just too spendy there now, our farm which we sold in 1987 for 75 thousand pounds, recently sold for over 2 million!!! Bad decision to move I guess! We had moved back to UK but dh wanted to come back to USA. We live in a nice area, and town here and I think our house here that would sell for about one hundred and fifty thousand pounds here would b at least four hundred thousand pounds there, maybe more. So we cannot come back.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    bumping, welcome to a great place

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