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    Small son went for his 1st sleepover last night. Had txtd the mom and this morn she said he did great. About 2pm I get the call...there'd been an accident. Apparently my son and another boy were running full steam ahead to catch a fly ball. They collided. HARD. My son has a huge swollen bruise above the eyebrow. Eyelid is bruised and swollen. I meet the dad and I guess he thought I was going to let him go back cos he didnt bring sons things with him. I load my kid up to follow him to the house to get his things. He didnt tell me he lived in the literal middle of nowhere. I was beginning to think we had crossed the state line! I mean we got to the freaking mountains! My cell didnt even work out there. So I get his stuff and head to town. On our way to the hospital. I wanted to make sure he didnt have a concussion. (continued)
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    He didnt lose consciousness...no nausea...and he was sleepy but didnt sleep AT ALL last nite. We wait 3 1/2 hours. Son is sleeping even with me waking him periodically and asking questions like what is his name, where is he at, etc. He responds appropriately. I was patient until they took a woman in whod come in after us and her hand was hurting. No injury...just hurting. Son is miserable and crying so I took him home. Called another hosp and triage nurse said Im doing everything right and if there are ANY changes to bring him in. Older son concussed himself 3 times so Ive been thru this. But Im still worried sick. Ill wake him every 2 hours tonite and ask the questions. Those of you that pray please add my little boy to your list. My whole heart is lying in there injured and Im so worried. Thank you.
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    Boy! That is scary. I always thought the worst thing that could happen at
    a sleep over was somebody falling outta bed.

    Good thing you know what to do. I think the hospital's staff needs some
    re-training. Nothing so terrible for a parent as one's child in danger and not
    being able to help.

    I once got a call from a hospital about my son. I said, "Can't be him. He's in
    summer camp."

    Anyway the flunky who called did not know my son's name or birth date. Good
    thing I finally heard him calling in the background. The incompetence around us
    is frequently staggering!

    Doing my best to send good vibes to you and your boy.

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    I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Head injuries can be so scary. I said a little prayer for your son....I hope he is ok.
    Please keep us updated. (((hugs)))
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    Prayed also for your little son.

    How is he doing today?


  6. Misfit101

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    Thank you all. I might have been thru this before but you still get scared and worried. I woke him every 2 hours last nite and asked him the questions. He roused easily and answered appropriately. Hes rested all today...napping off and on. Played about 30 mins of a video game. Not much of an appetite tho he did eat 2 pieces of toast and had part of a strawberry/banana smoothie. Im glad the triage nurse warned me that the blood from the bump would drop down cos thats exactly what happened. I wouldve freaked if not forewarned. I plan on taking him in to his pediatrician tomorrow. If I cant get him in Im going to ask that the Dr call me. Hes been my kids doc for almost 20yrs now. Thank you all for the good vibes and prayers. They are much appreciated.
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  7. Granniluvsu

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    How scary, especially being at someone elses house. Can't believe they didn't call you though when it happened, or sjhould I say right after it happened. I am glad he seems to be doing all right. However, it is good to have him checked. The worse thing that ever happened was my 3rd daughter fell off the monkey bars when she was in about the 4th grade or so and she broke her elbow and wrist. They did call me right away though and off to the doctor we went, or should I say hospital. She had to have surgery and was in the hospital in traction for a good while. Things sure have changed since then. This daughter is now 43 yrs old. Good thing I was a nurse or had training but when it is your child it is still scary.

    Glad he seems to be doing well. Let us know how the doctor visit comes out or it you talk to the doc. It seems to me that he is doing very well.

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  8. spacee

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    I've been toast past couple days but I'm praying for your son...that all will heal.

    This is raining on the parade or horse outta the barn or something but everytime
    we let our kids stay with trusted people some thing bad happened. So we quit
    and had the sleepovers at our place. (but we were lucky enough to have a basement
    and I could hear what they were saying. They didn't know it!)


  9. Misfit101

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    I couldnt stand it...I took him to another hosp. They dx'ed a concussion and tried to do a CT scan but a storm knocked the machine out. Sent me home with instructions on what to watch for. Will call pediatrician tomorrow. I was just telling DH that every time older son went to someone elses house something happened. I quit letting him go as well. Always said Id rather have a yard full of kids than have my kid go anywhere. Im paranoid about others kids safety when theyre here. Cant help myself. He heard doc say no baseball for a month. He burst into tears and said its the worst day of his life. Poor kid...
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    Sure hope your son is doing ok.

    I'm the same way, was always worried someone else's kids could get hurt/injured at our place.
    Even now with them grown and gone, i still worry just having company and they bring kids that their kids playing could get injured.

    Hope your son is soon back to his sport soon and all is well with him.

  11. Misfit101

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    Almost every day after school I have a back yard full of boys. We have almost an acre so its perfect for their baseball games. As bad as it hurts me...I sit out there watching even tho I pretend Im reading. Sometimes I have to intervene for something or another. They probably wonder how I manage to read and watch them too lol. Its sure no guarantee that no one will get hurt...but I figure it lowers the odds. I admit I was upset that I wasnt callf immediately. Turns out he had an asthma attack as well that I wasnt told about even tho I said if he had one I needed to kno. Youd have to kno the mindset of most of the men here...gotta make 'em "tough" you know. My son witnessed 1 kids dad yank him up by the scruff of the neck and commence screaming at him. Thats abuse to me. The gentlest man Ive ever met (my DH) went to work with 2 cracked ribs. He works production and didnt even tell them cos he didnt want light duty. Thats tough to me. Maybe crazy tho. Hes a group leader and didnt want to let anyone down.