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    Can someone help me. My husband, we think has CFS. He has been doing o.k. for the last couple of months. But I think he may be getting worse again. He has episodic spells of confusion and extreme tiredness. He will lose his balance and walk into walls. Today he had a flu bug and did not eat all day, then tonite he went walking and came back looking really bad. His speech will also get slurred at times-not tonite though. He ate some dinner and went to bed by 7:30pm. Is this all part of CFS-does anyone else have these periodic spells? Any comment or advise would be appreciated. Our doctor is a good one although not up on all the latest with CFS-its not his speciality. Thanks
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    We would ask if you have checked out the doc referal at the top of the page and to get to a doc that know CFS. Pushing himself is a big no no. He needs to get the right treatment for him. He also sould have his hormone levels checked. 23% of men get Male menopause and most docs don't even check this out, plus there are so many tests that he sould have done to rule out other things. Don't wait. If you can't find a doc in your area on the list post and ask for your area. My husband ended up in hospital trying to continue to work. Have him come on here and research with you and write if he feels able. Men are hard with this they don't like to complaine. Write a list of all his symtoms no matter how small and have copies of all tests done and docs records to have to take to show and let them copy. This board has such a wealth of info and we have found this site to be the greatest.

    Good luck and take care, Kim and Gary

    PS keep him resting as much as you can till he gets help.
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    Welcome to this wonderful board full of informative people.

    I do get confused a lot and get very dizzy and sometimes cannot find the right words that I really mean to say. I have FM and CFS.

    I would first try to have your doc rule anything else out such as stroke or anything else that may be heart related. When you mentioned slurred speach I immediately thought stroke. CFS and FM are basically a diagnosis made by process of elimination.

    Hope that your husband is feeling better soon.


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    Sorry to hear of your husband's problems. Sounds like the pattern of CFS, but I would strongly recomend that he see a neurologist to rule out anything happening in the central nervous system. The part about slurred speech concerns me.

    Sending love and prayers.
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    I agree your husband needs to see a neurologist!! If only to rule out other things. There are many neurological symptoms to these illnesses (FM & CFS)but I know I wanted to have every test & exam I could to eliminate other conditions (like MS, lyme, etc.) with mimicking symptoms----if only for my own peace of mind! With loss of balance & slurred speech, any reputable primary care doctor should refer to a neurologist. Hopefully, this is nothing more than the strange way CFS works for him (I am an FMS person with mostly neuro-type symptoms, so I can relate) but does need to be thoroughly checked out in my opinion.

    Good luck; we are a caring bunch here, so do let us know what you find out!!

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    can indicate a stroke and should always be checked out.
    My father had a mild stroke and he had slurred speech for just a very few minutes.

    Medicine can also cause the things you describe. If he takes medication I would read the side effect information.
    If you don't have it do a search on the net. Just type in the name of the medication and the words side effects.