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    I wrote earlier-I am new to the board. My husband has for 2 years now been suffering with these symptoms off and on- they come and they go- symptoms: Tiredness, slurred speech, walking into walls, glazed confused look, pain in his joints, and many more. He has had MRI, CT scans, PET scans, every type of blood work you can name and all have been fine. His liver enzymes were very high 2 years ago, but are now normal. The doctors are treating him if he has CFS because they can't find anything else wrong with him. My question is, " is there anyone else out there that is or has experienced these episodic spells?" I don't know when they will appear and how long they will last. We are trying all the vitamins and naturally sleeping aids possible. He has even been given anti-viral medication that maybe helped. He takes herbal medication to help treat a yeast infection. Help.
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    Welcome back to the board. I am not sure what your husband is experiencing. I have Fibromyalgia, and there are times I am very disoriented, but mostly in the mornings. A strong cup of coffee usually gets me back to normal. I do not have CFS, but many here do.

    HOpefully they can help you with their experiences.

    It is so difficult to diagnose these illnesses. The medical profession just simply do not know.

    The pain of FM is in the muscles, although I do have joint pain at times too.

    I sure hope you find out what is causing your husbands illness soon.

    Take care, and am glad you are back with us. We do have some very informed people on this board.


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    I am not sure how much is associated with FM or CFS, but I think most of them are.
    My doctor years ago thought I had a tumor. All of my test came back normal. It is strange, but sometimes you just feel like you have lost your mind literally.
    I get confused, slurred speech, can't spell "It" and can't stand up straight. I am deaf in my left ear and thought for a long time it was just balance problems, but now I am not so sure about that.
    Anywho, God bless you and good luck.
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    I have fm and cfs I get pretty disorented sometimes and forgetful!

    What I wanted to say is that someetimes it is easy to mistake muscular pain for joint pain. I know this from experience..alot of times it feels like it is in the joints..like in my knee but it is not, it is the area around the knee, it is just so intense that it gives me that feeling.

    I hope that helps some. Good luck, God Bless and welcome to the board...lots of great info here...

    Barb G
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    I answered your other post, but just saw this one. I'm relieved to hear that your husband has had a lot of testing to eliminate other things. Doesn't ease your frustration at having to deal with these symptoms, but at least rules out other problems.

    I have many neuro symptoms with fibro, but not the same exact ones----I DO go into "neuro" flares, though, where my legs don't seem to want to support me, my feet feel as if they are turning inward (they're not), feet tingle more than usual, muscle twitching gets worse than usual, hands feel swollen & hot, etc.

    One thing you might try to do is keep a log that notes how long these spells last---is he eating or sleeping differently, trying a new med, allergic to some substance, etc.----just to look for patterns in how these flares operate. You may find some common denominators if you observe a pattern...

    Good luck & hope you find something that helps him....