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    I have been doing aquatic therpy for about a month now. There is a noticeable change in my muscles since starting. The are harder and tighter then they have in a while (the good kind of harder and tighter). However I still find my self feeling weak and stumbling around alot as well as a little shakey. Anyone have an idea of what might be going on or some advice, or maybe you are going through the same thing. Let me know thanks.
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    I've been doing this with a group of ladies at our pool for about 3 weeks. They're healthy. I have seen no improvement except I might sleep better sometimes. When I get out of the water I'm like a noodle and have fallen flat on my face. My thighs feel like I've ran a marathon.

    Anyone else have some advice? Should we hold out a little longer.

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    From what I have read and understand about this process, it is not unusual to have good muscle tone and strength, but still have weakness and fatigue as the dysfunction can be the result of a different body system. For example, if you have Central Nervous system problems, this affects the brain's signal to the muscles requiring a response or action, but probably would not impede the integrity of the tissue itself. You might be slower, but you would still get there with perseverance. You have the added benefit of improving blood flow and oxygen to your muscles - of which your heart is one, too.

    It is good to know that you have a regular program and have obtained such good results, in such a short time - No one can call you lazy!

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    I played tennis, basketball, netball & tabletennis.
    My muscle tone was really good & I had quite a bit of muscle in my upper arm from the tennis. My legs were great too.
    But if I held my arms out in front of me, or tried to hold say a box of something, or simply brush my hair, my arms would immediately start to burn with pain :(
    I was both strong, but weak at the same time :(