WorriedHow Can I Find Job To Get Me Through This Physical Slump?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goodkamra, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    Hi All! -- It's been awhile since I've last posted. Hope everyone is hanging in there.

    I had been doing pretty well, having overcome many of my Fibro related symptoms, and then starting my own business.

    I'm now feeling poorly again....some of the old stuff, and now also dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues....I'm sooooo tired. Medication is only helping a bit.

    Anyway, my dilemna:

    I run a small landscape design business here in S. Calif.. I live on my own and support myself. Being as I'm feeling quite poorly now, I'm not able to work too much. The industry is also very slow right now, so there are not too many opportunities. I need to find some work that I can do from home ASAP, or where I can set my own hours and go in during my "good hours". I'd really like to avoid having to go on disability as it's just not my style, but I'm feeling a bit lost.

    My question: Does anyone know of an organization or service that can assist me in finding a legitimate job like this? Part-time or temporary would probably be best, although I'd consider the right full-time job considering my circumstances. I'm not sure how long it will take me to recover.

    Thanks so very much, and wishing everyone the best! :)
  2. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    Just some ideas

    A day care

    A nursing home.

    Hope this helps.

  3. camoflauge1120

    camoflauge1120 New Member

    or something like that. It does require some simple training to do medical, but I don't think general transcription requires any schooling. you can find many jobs online that are part-time and you can usually work whenever you want to during the day.

    I am about to the end of my medical transcription training-I chose medical because I needed a secure income, but for you I think I would just look at general.

    Maybe you could look for a temp agency in your area? You would usually fill in at certain jobs when someone is on vacation, an extended illness, or they have an overflow of work and need a little help.

    Daycare-it sounds like a good idea, but let me warn you that it is not as easy as it sounds and with the fatigue, etc. that accompanies Fibro, daycare is not the environment you need. I am just in the process of finishing my training so I can quit. It is a very stressful environment, you can't leave home for dr. appointments without having someone watch the kids or closing-to which the parents have an attitude over.

    I'm yet to be diagnosed, but I feel sure that fibro is the cause of my problems-just not as severe as a lot of others with fibro are.

    Good luck. I hope you find something soon.

  4. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    Thanks for the input LillieBlake and , I appreciate it. :)

    camoflauge1120.....I like your transcription idea, as I enjoy writing. Out of curiosity, how long was/is your medical transcription training? What kind of money can one make doing this? And yes....I agree with you, I know I would not be able to work in a day care environment. I'm just too exhausted. That's the problem!

    Thanks so much to both of you for your input. :)

  5. camoflauge1120

    camoflauge1120 New Member

    I took an online course and it depends how much time you have. I wish I would have found a school before I started that only taught me the basics as i think i've wasted some time learning other writing skills, but maybe that will help me in the future too. I started in Oct. 2007 and am "pressuring" myself to finish as my daycare is "crumbling" and I'm left with 1 daycare kid-which does not pay the bills very well. Thank goodness my husband has a decent job and we are "ok" for another month or so.

    I took about a 2 month break that looking back I wish I wouldn't have taken. The good news is that you work at your own pace so whatever time you want to put into it is what you do.

    As far as the $$ when you are first starting out it isn't as much as when you are more of an expert-especially in medical transcription because there are a lot of medical words you need to learn. From the info I've been given, it's sounds that you can eventually make up to $40,000 a year-but more realistically is probably about $25-30,000 for full time work.

    There are definately part time jobs out there too which might be beneficial when you are still trying to figure out your limitations, etc.

    Good luck!!

  6. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    .....I appreciate the additional info you provided. I have to figure out something very soon, if the landscaping industry doesn't pick up ASAP....and if my intense fatigue doesn't lift!

    Thanks again!
  7. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Hi there!
    I would recommend going to the Good Morning America website. Tori Johnson is their correspondent who does a running segment about work at home opportunites (and other work related things). There are great links to legitimate companies, what to look for etc.

    I worked for a staffing firm for many years (for the company, not as a temp employee) and many companies only hire through companies like that these days. They are a great resource and especially good for someone who would like to choose when they would like to work. It doesn't cost anything to register - so that might be a good route to go.

    Also - check Craig's List in your area - very often (at least in my area) people post jobs and lots of times, they are telecommuting positions and part time.

    Good Luck!
  8. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    ......I really appreciate your input. I will definitely check out the website on Friday! Sounds like a great resource.

    I'm really finding myself in a vulnerable position, in that I run my own business, and rely soley on myself to get by at this time (no one to fall back on, even for a short time!). The brain fog and intense fatigue/groginess are really hard to deal with!

    Thanks so much!

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