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    including my son.

    I picked this off of one of the Lyme yahoo groups, thought it was interesting -
    as usual more questions than answers unfortunately:

    Treponema pallidum is the spirochete that causes syfilis, a disease that has many similarities with Lyme disease, although the way it is transmitted is different.

    "we caution that antibiotic treatment may be
    effective only in the earliest stages of these spirochetoses.
    Indeed antibiotics such as penicillin and its derivatives
    induce round body formation and quiescence of symptoms
    rather than cure."

    "Russian research and that by Brorson and
    Brorson (2004) on spirochetal life histories lead us to think
    that both the presentation and the course of syphilis, Lyme
    disease and other spirochetoses are altered by penicillin,
    other antibiotics and possibly by "anti-retroviral" or
    "protease inhibitor" drugs. Far from eradicating syphilis, antibiotics are driving the disease underground and increasing
    the difficulty of detection."

    "Contrary to the statements on many official government
    and medical websites that "syphilis is easily curable by
    antibiotics", the disease is often refractory to antibiotic and
    other treatments except perhaps in very early immunoresponsive
    stages (Musher et al., 1990). It has not been
    adequately shown that T. pallidum infection in its
    secondary and later stages is curable after any therapy."

    I haven't tried looking this up at PubMed yet, but, I wouldn't be surprised...

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