Worsening fibro plus elevated blood pressure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by plbrad, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. plbrad

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    Has anyone had issues with their fibromyalgia and increase in blood pressure? My daughter is only 24 yrs. old and has been hit hard by fibro. She has every symptom, and recently has been hit with blood pressure issues. Rheumatologists says that could not be caused by meds she is taking. Suggested a test for trouble with the pituitary gland or tumor on it. Anyone else have problems with this? What was the culprit in your case? Some of the BP readings were in stroke range. Nurse practicioner took her off of BC pills which were originally prescribed for horrible and painful periods. One day since with a somewhat normal
  2. plbrad

    plbrad New Member

    Thank you for your ideas. We will look into them. She really doesn't want to take another pill as she is on a number of them prescribed by her rheumatologist for all the fibro issues.
  3. HoosierTim

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    Extreme pain as in some cases of Fibro can cause High Blood pressure!

  4. Granniluvsu

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    I have always had great b/p until I started with CFS/FM/ and CMPS. I was diagnosed with this DD close to a year ago but have had it all for about 20 plus years. I have been in alot of pain all this time with no dx by anyone. However, I figured I had it anyway. I just did alot of investigating on my own and finally went to the right rheumy and I almost dxed myself with my history.

    I also have hi b/p in my family. My father had high b/p also and my mother too a little bit in later years.

    However, I would think that when you are in alot of pain your b/p would be very likey to go UP !!! To me that is common sense. Of course if there is family predisposition for it, it would be even morely likely. That is exactly when I started it, when I started with all my pain. My b/p also likes to spike alot esp when I go to the docs office and I am not afraid of anything there cause I used to be a nurse.

    The last time I went to the new endocrinologist she started me on another b/p med or a different one , Tarka, along with Hyzaar that works like a diuretic along with it. I go back next week to chek it out. Also my resp have been faster so she is also trying to get that down a bit too.

    Lotsa warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  5. daisyrock3

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    You all might want to check into seeing an endocrinologist and get her checked out for Cushings syndrome which has alot of the same symptoms as FM. It is usually caused by a small tumor in the pituitay or adrenal gland. You can check out websites on it too. Good Luck!

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