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    Elijah was a human being just like us. His nature was like ours. There was nothing supernatural about him personally, but he had power in prayer because he knew his GOD, and he knew his GOD's Word! When the people repented, Elijah prayed, claiming GOD's promise of rain for obedience, and GOD answered. It rained!

    All prayer begins with worship of the Father, JESUS laid out that imperative. When we come to the Father in prayer, we are acknowledging One greater and mightier than ourselves. JESUS also began by reminding us that the Father's name is to be hallowed, that is to be regarded as holy, to be reverenced above all others.

    "Holy and reverend is His name." ~Psalm 111:9. Let me share with you some of the Names of our Father. Study His names in greater depth...His names testify to His character.

    A few of the Father's Names.

    Hebrew Names

    Genesis 1:1

    YHWH Elohim
    Genesis 2:4

    El Elyon
    Genesis 14:18-20
    most high GOD.

    YHWH Yireh
    Genesis 22:14
    the LORD will provide.

    YHWH Rapha
    Exodus 15:26
    the LORD heals.

    YHWH Nissi
    Exodus 17:15
    the LORD is my banner.

    YHWH Shalom
    Judges 6:24
    the LORD is peace.

    YHWH Raah
    Psalm 23:1
    the LORD is my Shepherd.

    YHWH Tsidkenu
    Jeremiah 23:6
    the LORD our Righteousness.

    YHWH Shammah
    Ezekiel 48:35
    the LORD is There.

    Are you lonely today? The Lord is There,Are you sick?the Lord heals, are you feeling unworthy? the Lord is our Righteousness. Worried about finances,your job, your spouses job" The Lord will provide, and He is your Shepherd.
    Worried about your loved one, your doctors appointment, a medical proceduere? The Lord is Peace.Friends or family don't understand you, The Lord is my banner.
    I thought this was interesting, I hope it blesses you
    "In everyone's life there comes a Nathanael experience, a time when the Lord obviously and supernaturally reaches out and impacts our lives in such a way as to leave no doubt of His existance and His intentions." ~Delighting In God 21, Kris C. Stevenson. (ABC

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