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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 7xgrammy, Oct 25, 2008.

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    I was diagnosed with fibro 15 years ago and I thought I knew all there was to know about pain from my bad flares and everyday pain. Three months ago I started having swelling, numbness and tingling, burning pain in my legs. It has since spread all over my body and I have been diagnosed with peripheal neuropathy due to my fibro.

    My muscles feel like concrete, are swollen and nothing alleviates the pain. My blood pressure has risen to dangerous levels during my worse pain attacks. Sometimes I just lie in bed and cry. My husband is a saint and has taken over the entire care of our household. I am totally useless.

    Yesterday I totally lost control of the pain. We went to the emergency room where again they performed multiple tests with everything coming back OK. The doctor there basically told me to take a pain pill and go to the book store and buy some books on handling stress. They then sent me home after hearing my opinion of their emergency room and the medical profession in general.

    When I first arrived at the ER they did give me a shot for pain. I didn't really get any pain relief from the shot while we were there. In the middle of the night I awoke and had no bad pain or numbness for the first time in three months. I have been almost pain free for 12 hours. I am due to take another Percocet and am feeling slight numbness and pain, but I'm hoping the Percocet will help.

    I have a wonderful doctor who is as frustrated as I am with this neuropathy. He has tried so many drugs but nothing has helped. I can't wait to call my doctor Monday to let them know how the shot worked. I want to be sure this information is included in my records so they can try it again when the pain returns.

    Anyone having experience handling peripheal neuropathy with successs, please pass on your experience. I have no doubts this extreme pain will return.

    All of you are in my prayers.

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    sorry you had to have one of those nightmare visits to the er.

    many of us have.

    hope you found out what was in the shot to tell your doc. i told mine and she told me the break down and prescribed the drug. only problem was orally you couldnt take the amount that was in the shot.

    best of luck
  3. Bunchy

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    with severe neuropathic pain and the concrete muscles all over.

    Some may not agree with what I have found but what has helped me continue to function somewhat and to feel a lot more comfortable on a day to day basis is a combination of Klonopin and Soma.

    Love Bunchy x
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    I suffer this same leg pain in the winter months. Heat helps, lots of it. About the only thing..I always have a heating pad or an electric blanket on my legs when I sit or lay to watch TV or read. Keeping warm is the key to some relief, and whatever pain med you can muster.
    Good luck!
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    Were you on any antibiotics for any type of infection prior to the increase in your peripheral neuropathy and pain?
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    Hi !! have you had an Ultra sound done on your legs, pulses checked...all that to be sure you do not have a blockage somewhere ? I had these same exact symptoms, and FINALLY one dr. thought he perhaps should check, I was blocked in my Abdominal Aorta...I had No Bluing of the Skin for the first several years...til it Ultimitly went to 100 percent blocked...my pain went on for 6 years before they caught it...I had neurapathy, Burning in Muscles everytime I attempted to walk...some swelling...tingling...last stages I had numbness...and finally the bluing of my feet...very scarey it all was...it was an easy operation to remove the clots...put a stent in...I went home the next morning...was walking 5 miles a day within 2 weeks...

    I hope you have been...or Will get this checked...I was 34 years old when my symptoms started...that was part of the reason they never checked...I was young and Looked healthy...almost cost me my Life...at the very least my legs...

    GL to you...I hope you Find relief soon !!
  8. Ovrwhelmd

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    for more replies...Legs that Feel heavy and painful need attention !!!!

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