worth response from madwolf or anyone in med field etc

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    This is worth responding to Madwolfe or any medical person /or anyone

    When I saw dr. cheney on annual visit in June he said “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before” he said l reg. Strength tylenol with l50 mg. Milk thistle m w f will increase both intracelluar and extracelluar glutathiane. I said well I thought tylenol was hard on liver, he said not at that dose, I’ve not tried it cause I’m so med senstive although I have to take low dose neur. Klonopin doexpin and l2.5 tianeiptine anti depressant,

    joe bentley with lifestar (cytolog co.) who had cfs in 80's said well tylenol is another med and unnatatural to the body, so I wouldn’t take it and tylenol is bad on the liver at ANY dose,

    so I’ve not tried it yet, BUT I’m about ready to if the tyelonol doesn’t make me feel worse, and the whey hurt my stomach the shape it's in now,

    Surely dr. cheney woudln’t tell me that for glutathine if it was DANGERous to liver

    I asked him how tylenol helped glutathine with milk thistle he gave some explaination that I can’t remember or didn’t understand

    MADWOLF or someone in med.field might be able to answer this if I ASK dr. cheney I get charged 8.50 a minute for any correspondense or faxes and of course I can’t afford a phone consult So this is from straight from one of the so called CFS expert's mouth WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK OF THIS ?

    cHENEY ALSO SAID he has other patients who ARE NOT tolerating whey whey protein iosolates taking these for gluathiane increase. paul mark
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    SAMe ???? It raises glutathione, detoxes the liver, and elevates mood all at the same time. You need a good brand (with a special coating) and it is not cheap. Any way, keep us informed of what you are taking and how it is working, if it is. Take care
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    Good question. You've got me curious too :)
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    I`m desperate to let you know about Cellfood, I really think it could possibly help you.

    Beckster`s suggestion is a good one and thought that as you have a high intolerance to most foods & supplements that this is a fantastic alternative.

    Cellfood comes in the form of drops which you add to mineral water. They carry a whole range of products of which I think Cellfood Concentrate, Cellfood multivitamins and cellfood SAMe could be just the alternative method of ingestion you are looking for.
    It has been working for both myself and my daughter.

    Just tap the word into a search engine and have a good read, let me know what you think.

    Love Pat.