would acidophilus cause dry mouth?

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  1. Asatrump

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    This is day number three taking 3 acidophilis per day. I notice my mouth is much dryer than usual?

    reason for taking this; I am very sensitive to yeast, always after an anti biotic.

    Last April in routine check GYN found a garden variety bacteria when specimans were examined. His office phoned and said to insert vaginally a tube of anti biotic cream.

    I should have known better as any Anti biotic gives me both yeast and thrush.

    I have been batteling yeast since April. Diflucan does help, but it keeps coming back in the creases of my legs and in that area. I have taken a lot of diflucan since April.

    Talking to my pharmacist she recommended acidophilus.

    My body never seems to react normally to meds, I do take bp meds that cause dry mouth but only upon waking. Today is different, toast didn't want to go down.

    thanks for any input, I appreciate it.
  2. TigerLilea

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    Acidophilus should not cause dry mouth. You might want to consider making Kefir from live grains. It has two different yeasts in it which knock back the candida yeast. Kefir is fermented milk, much like yogurt, and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, good bacteria and good yeast. You can't buy live grains in the store - you have to find someone with grains to share (via the internet).
  3. u&iraok

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    You can actually buy kefir starter in the store--unless you're saying it's not as good? I get it at my health food store in the refrigerated section. I love homemade kefir, it doesn't compare to the store bought stuff. It's good to incorporated some type of fermented food in your diet, most indigenous/traditional cultures did.

    According to my doctor when I had Candida, you have to kill a good amount of the candida before you can supplement with acidophilus otherwise you're just wasting time and money because the candida will overpower the acidophilus. Most doctors don't know this but he's done the research and he's also a candida expert. He cured me in a few months after I struggled with it on my own for several years. That was 10 years ago and it never came back. If you want to check out his website, he's Dr. Biamonte - www.health-truth.com