Would Candida show up as a bacterial problem in blood work?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dee50, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    My new doctor was looking at my blood work results. He say it showed I have antibody for the EBV but that I have something along the lines of a bacterial problem also. I figured from the start that EBV and candida walk hand in hand but I'm wondering if candida shows up as a bacterial.The part of my blood work tests I'm talking about I'll write out.
    Value Reference Range
    Neutrophils 66.3 37-67
    lymphocytes 22.4 L 24-44
    Monocytes 4.4 0-12
    Eosinophils 6.6 H 0-6
    Basophils 0.2 0-2

    Epstein-Barr Virus Profile
    EBV capsid IgG 170 H AU/ml
    EBV capsid, Igm 1 AU/ml
    Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody (IgG anad IgM) Reference Range:
    <10 AU/ML Negative
    10-20 AU/ML Equivocal
    >20 AU/ML Positive
    Please Note: Changes in Reference Ranges effective 1/1/2004

    Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Interpretation
    ********** VCA IgG VCA IgM
    No Infection Negative Negative
    Acute Infection POS/Neg POSITIVE
    Past Exposure POSITIVE Negative

    Does anyone know how to read this. My new Doctor is saying that it is the opposite of what he has seen before.
    I do not understand much of this test and 2 doctors have not explained it to me except to say I have CF. The fact that I have CFS is based on this one test.
    Thanks for any help reading this. It really bugs me that I don't understand it.

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  2. rileyearl

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    at least I can get your question back to the top. Someone here will know.

  3. Rose_Red

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    I hope I can help with some of this. Candida won't show up as bacteria. It's yeast.

    You might ask your doc about the bloodwork for mycoplasmal Infections. You can do a search at this site and get tons of info.

    I'm really not sure how to interpret your test result but obviously you have EBV. Whether it's active or dormant it's been too long for me to remember.

    There is a school of thought that thinks EBV either causes CFS or goes hand-in hand with it.

    I would either call the doc back or sched another appointment. It is their job to explain the test results to you in laymans terms. It's your body and you NEED to know what's going on with it. Don't except anything less from a doc.

  4. ldbgcoleman

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    Well I have EBV which is a viral problem but I also have mycoplasma which is a bacterial pproblem. I also have Candida. I am taking Doxycycline for the mycoplasma and Famvir for the EBV. I have been on the Candida diet and am taking Jarro-Dophilus, Garlic tablets and Nystatin for that.

    There is no absolute test for Candida but I think there is for mycoplasma. If you get mycoplasma in your lungs you have walking pneumonia. (which I have not had) Some of the symptoms for Candida are a thick white coating on your tongue, Horrendous sugar and carb cravings and persistant and or recurrent yeast infections, and IBS or constipation diarrea.

    Jarro Dophlus and Garlic are over the counter. (take one in the morning and one at night. It is free to take sugar and yeast and moldy foods out of your diet. If your Dr puts you on antibiotics you may treat for Candida anyway because prolonged use of ABX is one of the causes of Candida. They kill off the good bacteria and the yeasties take over.

    Good Luck and you may ask Mikie about this she is an expert. I really think you are on the right track!! BE excited you are on the road to getting better.

    One more thing all this treatment may make you feel worse for a while but that just means it is working!! Lynn
  5. Dee50

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    Thank you rileyearl for the bump :)
    I don't think the doctors understand my results I have asked them 5 times now and all the D.O. doctor will say is that I am sick and have EBV.
    My new Doctor is the one that told me about a bacterial problem. I'm running out of money and to go back and be charged 80-100 dollar is not something I wish to do as I know they will tell me the same thing but I will call my D.O. Doctor and ask him. It seems to me that if you have CFS you better have alot of money if you want any answers to questions or for them to even take a guess at what is going on with you. I'm so glad I found this group-this is where I get most all my answers and digging around on my own about post I read here and the things folks are trying.
    Thank you for your reply.
    Thanks for the information on mycoplasma (bacterial). and all the other very helpful information. I live in Idaho and I think I'm going to have to go to Sun Valley to find an expert to fine tune this stuff. After I figure out where the money is coming from to do this.
    I see a couple big problems one when I do anything like shopping ect..My body gets stressed then I can't get to sleep til very late then a mack truck hits me while I'm sleeping for 5 hours I wake up and bam I'm in pain everywhere. Think I need an expert. I no in many ways Im getting better but..I have no life my body gets stressed over every thing. Guess I need to get better at hearing my body and its stress overload signals. Thanks for hearing me out. Guess I'm mad I'm in pain again:-(
  6. Wasabi

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    My allergist used a Candida test, in which they inject a small amount of yeast just under the skin on your arm. He said it's a rare test in the U.S. and that it's more commonly used in Europe.

    Anyway, most healthy people have swelling and a change of skin color at the injection site about 48 hours afterwards. I reacted immediately, but by 48 hours later, everything had gone away. My understanding is that if a person has a yeast problem, they will have a reaction opposite of healthy people, as I did.

    I was also tested for Candida with a blood test. It's not one of the typical tests listed on the lab paperwork that a doctor can just circle. If I remember correctly, it's one of those that gets written in at the bottom of the sheet, so it must be a rare test.

    I think the blood test is for antibodies, so it can't tell precisely whether or not you have a Candida problem, but it can indicate a likelihood.

    Anyway, I know this doesn't exactly answer your question about Candida showing up as a bacterial infection, but just thought I'd share this information in case it's helpful.

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