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    i was diagnosed with fibro 10 months ago.
    the pains started after weight training, and 2 months after i joined the gym.
    it started in the shoulder, went to the other shoulder and wrist.
    i can remember throughout this 10 months, that each time a pain started(and never went away :) ) i did/put some physical stress.

    *shoulders and wrist started 2 months after joining a gym
    *legs and lower back pains started after doing an exercise in school with weights, a month after i stoped because of the pains.
    *the chest pain, started after doing an exercise in school called dip(without weights), i did many, and a few seconds after felt this pain, again-never go away.
    *last, after i had alot of pains, i got back to working out in a gym again.
    i could workout perfectly fine with no pains(4 to 2 months ago) while, but looks like it aggravated more.

    i didnt just woke up one day with pains that never went away, or never got myself out of a flu that took place X years ago.
    i had a cause, or something that aggravated the pains, and even a netoropath told me he is the first one he seen that it happened to him after gym workouts.

    i want to know, if you can help me determine maybe what maight have cause it.
    for example, if i had lyme disease, i would have got pains regardless of working out, no? (and i guess its not "luck" that exactly in the time of my workouts the lyme pains got out, without a connection to the presure of workouts)

    im also checking vitamin d, thyroid problem and candida.
    its really wired to me that it happened after gym workouts.
    and each pain, started after physical presure.

    i also used protein powder and maybe it has anything to do with it? dont know..

    i also have symptoms like air hunger sometimes(also i had a little 2 years ago also, before the pains started.)
    coated(yellowish) tongue(which isnt a yeast) which come back after you scratch it out.
    alot of poping/clicks sounds in my elbow, knees, and sometimes a little redness in both knees(on the inner sides) at the same time.
    and so on....
    im like you, trying to figure out a solution and if you still here i guess you didnt found one, but again i will thank you for any help.

    btw-i have braces in my teeth and the doc put it there, 8-9 months before the pains.
    do you think it can be related??
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    Lots of nice people here who can share their experiences. If you click on "library" above you might find some helpful info.
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    like chronic myofascial pain .it is a lot like fibro but how your describing how it started sounds more cmp. do a google on it and read see if it is possible or you can just go to pain management dr to be dx the biggest differance is there are trigger point you can release through out your body. i have both cmp and fibro they sometimes overlap. i hope this helps welcome to the board charlene
  4. talper

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    does any of the information i described, sound not typical to fibro?
    i know that its unsusual it started after workouts, and got wrose and worse gradually, but is it "not very typical to fibro(how it started and got worse)" or "typical, but lees then other ways for it to develop".
    one netoropath, told me that im the first one he see(and he works for years) that his pain started after working out, and i too think its kinda, not bazar, but may light some others ideas for solution maybe.

    a top world fibro specialist diagnosed me with fibro.
    i had many many fibro points.
    i guess as special as he will be, he cant know if it maight be this mayofa something, because i have alot of the fibro trigger points, and all the lupus tests(anca) and others were normal?

    but i thought that this mayo thing, only in a few triger points, but i have triger points all over my body!, and i have sometimes, the typical "fibro flareups" where the pain feel more like this very annoying achiness(and not less painfull).

    so-do you really think there is something wired but the fact that it started after weight training, and as far as i remember, alot of the other pains, started after, when i did other physical(As well as more weight training) activity??
    or it more likely "one more of the fibro stories?".
    the pains started only 2 and half months after joined the gym, so its not like i worked 2 years, overdoing things, untill it cracked.

    and last one thing:
    is there a mayofassial(??? lol..) point in the wrist? the wrist pain was one of the first i ever had, and i know its not fibro point, so it looks kinda wired.

    thanks again
  5. talper

    talper New Member

    oh and- is it unusual to those with fibro to have this popping in elbows(not normal every day movw, to hear them, i need to do special movement)
    and this clicks in both kneecaps? (when i do the clicks, i need to wait for a few minutes/hours, untill i can do again, cause it goes away(also the elbows, its not like i can pop and pop and pop), and again-its not a usual daily movment, i need to "mean" to do the popps and clicks.


    i just read this:


    and it sayd that not common symptoms of fm(but of cmp) are weak hand grip(chich i have most of the time), carpal sunnel symptoms(i have wrist pains), and that the pain get worse after working out, like what happened to me..

    who should i go to? triger points tharapy right away? pain doctor?(the doctors i talked to has appointments only in 20+ of october..)

    i read dr Devin Starlanyl's site, and sent here an email.
    so, if it is cmp, its managable and treatble? what treatment? only triger points teraphy?

    i will appreciate your help.
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  6. talper

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    bump... its in the 3rd page already :)... lol
    if the problem is chronic matyofascial pain, it can be treated, but quickly? or i will have to work and work and work for more then a year to even get relief?
  7. Cromwell

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    Welcome. It sounds as if something was rejecting the natural "spring back to normal" in your muscles. This is the way I think about it. I tend to overdo things too. I know I have FM and CFS and also arthritis and MPS, but I also know that I aggravated each and every one by doing too much.

    Here is a classic example. Prune a shrub. Normally, I may ache as anyone 59 would for a few hours, or even a day, but instead that pain lasts weeks.

    It is almost as if the "memory" button for muscles getting back to normal is missing. I think this is largely MPS. Trigger point massage can help a lot with this.

    It is the pits. All I am doing now is walking and stretching.

    Love Anne
  8. charlenef

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    cmp started years ago for me and graudully got worse as time went on.everytime i would hurt myself i never healed right.no dr over the years never even mentioned cmp so i went years with no help.

    i really think when i became so bad it was too late scar tissue had formed then fibro kicked in and ive been in my bed ever since. i stretch and do trigger point therapy but nothing seems to help me get back on my feet.

    every once in a while i get a great idea to help but i always end up worse than when i started. every one is differant but i wouldnt delay on seeking help for this.if a dr want you to stretch without trigger release THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.find out everythingyou can before you go so you know what you are talking about. charlene