"Would like to know how many are from Indiana"???

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    Hi guys'! I was really wanting to make some "New Friends", (with people who also have FMS/CFS). I have found that alot of times, it can be difficult to get people who don't suffer from FMS/CFS, to really understand what we "ALL" actually go through!

    I live in Cloverdale, Indiana. And I would Sooooo love to have someone "close by", (or even fairly close), to possibly talk to on the phone, or do things with ect...
    (Now please don't get me wrong... "I love my Friends" on the FMS/CFS support group, (message board)!

    It's just that, other than my 4 sons', and my grandchildren, and my mom, I don't really have any family anymore. And I have alot of Friends here, but not "REAL FRIENDS"!!!!!!!! (If you know what I mean).

    Sometimes it can get very lonely, and I've always believed that you can never have too many Friends! But if you are "Blessed" to have "True Friends", (the one's who stand by you, and you by them, through thick and thin), ya better "CHERISH" them!!! Because it's a rarity!

    So, that being said, I'd love to hear from any and all of you, who are from Indiana!!!
    Hope to get alot of responses!!!!!!

    "GOD Bless",

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