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    on Candida.
    Didn't know anything can trigger it.

    Common Systemic Yeast Symptoms
    It is common to feel frustrated and alone when dealing with a yeast overgrowth because Candida is evasive to much of the medical community. The following list of common symptoms are indicative of candida overgrowth:
    · Gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn or pain in the intestines
    · Bowel irregularities, constipation or diarrhea or perhaps alternating between both
    · Food cravings especially for carbohydrates or sweets.
    · Mood swings, depression or suicidal tendencies
    · Headaches or migraines
    · Menstrual problems, PMS or break through bleeding, endometriosis.
    · Respiratory concerns, asthma frequent bronchial congestion
    · Skin problems, dry, itchy or hives
    · Finger or toe nail fungus
    · Vertigo or balance problems
    · Joint or muscle pain
    · Bad breath In spite of good oral hygiene
    · Allergies…air-born or food
    · Malabsorption (might be indicated by vertical grooves in fingernails)
    · Vaginal yeast infections
    · Itching or redness in body creases
    · Acne on face, back or body
    · Cravings for Chocolate, peanuts, pistachios or alcohol
    · Adrenal or thyroid failure
    · Hemorrhoids, fissure or rectal bleeding
    · Insomnia
    · Chronic fatigue
    · Feeling cold and shaky
    · Weight imbalances (over or under in spite of diet)
    · Poor memory
    · Puffy, dry or burning eyes
    · Urinary tract problems (infections or incontinence)
    · Premature ageing
    · Chemical sensitivity (especially colognes or fabric dye)
    · Blood sugar imbalances

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    Gee....I fit alot of those!!(too many!) I hope I can remember to do my at home candida test in the morning!!And I wonder how acurate the test is?
    Thanks again...this is very interesting!
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    I have systemic yeast, but I could check yes to quite a few of those symptoms. Had NO idea so many of them could be related to yeast. Maybe I'll give the old spit test a try? Thanks for posting this.
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    i mean, is there something we can try to see if we actually have this problem (besides going to the doctor so they can rob you of $500 that you don't have)... and if so, what remedies can we try?

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    In response to your question.
    Found this answer in regards to tests run for candida.
    Hope it helps.

    Diagnosis, Tests, and Signs
    Tests that show Candida include:

    an EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) with or without biopsy
    a stain or culture of esophageal brushing
    a throat swab culture
    an upper GI and small bowel series (gastrointestinal X-rays)