Would like you all to know that you are ALL in my prayers !

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  1. Nonie

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    My dear Precious FRIENDS ,

    I would like you to know that ALL of you are in my prayers ! There is such an urgent need amoung us right now . So many that are either ill themselfs , or have loved ones who are ill . My heart goes out to each and every one of you ! PLEASE ALL know that you are constantly in my HEART !

    I am in a flare right now . That , combined with the work of trying to get my house situated around , and the old flower shop converted into an extra room , is keeping me from being able to be here as often as I would like . However , as I said , you are all ALWAYS in my heart , and will remain so !!! I LOVE YOU ALL !

    I would like to ask for prayer for myself . I have alot of things wrong , and I pretty much deal with them very well , but , I have been having a head ache for 2 weeks now ! I hardly ever get headaches , so this is very HARD to deal with . I believe it stems from when the ENT specialist did the probe down both of my nasal passages to look at the tumor . I belive that I have either gotten an infection , or something was pushed out of wack . At any rate , the headache is just enough to keep me from functioning the way I would like , and really is quite painful ! It is componded by the fact that I take VICODIN for my fibro and tumor pain , and the pharmasist said I could NOT take any tylenol while on the vicodin , as it already had tylenol in it combined with the narcotic , and it would effect my liver . I am still waiting for the DR. to return my call , so I can find out what I can take to relieve the headache pain ! Asprin is NOT cutting it .

    Also , my dear brother is moving back here from Ca. the first week of June . He has been away from here for over 20 yrs. and is recently divorced . He is moving in with us , (that is why we are doing all the shuffeling around of things) . Pray that he can get things settled up out there , and that he has a safe trip here . I think when he gets here , it will be crowded , however , it will be a big help to Emery and I , both physically & financially .

    My daughter SAM (the one with all the open-heart surgeries & recovery from strokes and coma) , her EEG's (brain wave tests) have begun to be ABNORMAL & she is having more and more seizures ! This is a major set back for her ! She and the little grandaughter Anastasia are coming the first week of June to stay a month or so with us as well . Please pray for her , and also for STRENGTH for me .

    THANK YOU so much for all your wonderful , beautiful FRIENDSHIPS ! I am so blessed & I so appreciate each and every one of you ! Many , many loving (((HUGS))) to all ! God bless you .

    With very much LOVE & RESPECT . Nonie
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    Nonie, I beg to differ, we are the ones blessed, for we have your love and friendship. I pray for your health everyday and now I will pray for your family members as well. Your are very special, Nonie and you deserve all of our prayers. Blessings, Deena
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    and the whole family Nonie, I do so feel for you with those headaches! I know you are a nurse, but just in case you have not though of it, an ice pack, drink lots of water, use a warm mist vaporizer. Spray some peroxide around that room your are working in! It helps too.

    Will be praying for all of you, including your precious daughter, brother and your little granddaughter along with you and Emery for strength to handle that plate full you have.

    God's blessings going out to each and everyone of you.

    Shalom, Shirl