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    Hello to all,

    Just a quick note to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all of those who gave their insight to my last post about this terrible disease.

    Several of you know that I've been writing a report about FM and I can proudly say that it's done!!! YEAH!

    But before my client sends it out, I would love to have your thoughts on it to see how you feel, what you think, and if the information is valuable.

    My first concern about this report is that the integrity of the message is truthful and valid. This is my first report about this subject and realize that there may be things I've missed or didn't address. So I would love so much to have your valued thoughts and feedback.

    Also if you have any thoughts about what color of paper you would like to see it on is also very useful to me as I advise my client.

    If you're interested, I can send it to you via email and you can let me know if it's terrible or if you like it. Since it's my first report about FM, I want to make sure I keep the message clean and truthful. Any input you give will be greatly valued and appreciated.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who have helped us, we really do want to help finde useful and effective solutions to this disease.

    We are so grateful to all of you who have been so generous to share your experiences. Anyone intereseted in reading the report and giving your feedback, let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you.

    Thank you soooooooooo much in advance. You are all wonderful people and I hold all of you in healing light and love. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I believe that together we can accomplish great things and great outcomes for those of you who suffer so tremendously.

    In Light,

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    Thanks for your help and interest...... I was wondering if it was possible for you to post your report here. We have a lot of trouble putting our email addresses "out there" for everyone to see....Thanks DJ
  3. jbg

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    Please copy and paste your report here and I'm sure you'll get a lot of feed back.
  4. Fibromiester

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    ~would love to read your report, but we sometimes get "troublesome" characters roaming our board, and we hesitate to post e-mail addy's...
    Could you Please somehow post it here for us?
    And we thank you for the research you did...
  5. copywriter

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    Hey everybody,

    Thank you so much for you kind responses. I am very happy to post the report here. It is a bit long. If you were to print it, it would be about 6 pages long, front and back. But I'm thinking I could just post the "meat" of the report of maybe I could revise it and give you an overview.

    I do respect and am very mindful of everyone's privacy so thank you very much for the option of posting the report.

    Do I just do another "post message" and put the report on the "post message" I'm a bit unfamiliar with these kinds of boards, but find them to be a wonderful way to connect with people of like mind.

    I'm so glad you all have this as an outlet of support. And I just want to say how deeply thankful I am to all of you for being so kind and welcoming of me. Thank you for your support and appreciation.

    I'll post the report as soon as I know what to do.

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    I truly enjoy getting outside feelings and feedback, As you have read and hopfully empathized with the mental and physical pain so many suffer. I have done my own personal research helping at a clinic and my heart went out to so many pts. even though I was suffering sometimes more than them at the time. We need all the exposure,help and advocacy we can get So I do hope you will turn this into part of your goal if you feel you could help. We have been used by drs.,mlm`s,drug co.and on, with false hopes, including research programs for their own personal gain. This illness is complex,growing,and for real. I do hope you are because we would love your honest help. Thank you!,
  7. copywriter

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    In regards to the last two posts . . . I do appreciate your concern. And yes, I am a free lance writer. My client is a Chiropractor who also practices Holistic kinds of therapies. The report isn't for my purposes or for anything that I'm doing. It was for her and to create an opportunity to share with the FM community what she has found to be effective. It really was written from a place of wanting to share information. She understands that each FM case is different because every persons body is different. And if she could share something that may be of benefit to someone else, then that's what she wanted to do.

    Her primary goals with this report were to:

    1. To bring back the human element that is missing among the medical community. And even I, after reading some of these posts, was absolutely blown away at how some of you have been treated. I had no idea.

    2. Share with her reader what she, as a doctor, has found to effective. She really wanted to communicate what her treatments consisted of, how she implemented them, and how her patients responded. It is a bit more than that but a little much to go into here.

    3. Her main objective was to create connection with the FM community.

    So as a writer, I needed to understand your community so that there wouldn't be any misrepresentation. Even though my client is thrilled with the report and says that it is accurate, she is still reading from "her side of the street." The most important person reading it is you.

    So with all of that said and some of the concerns brought to light, I don't feel comfortable posting it here.

    However, I am going to speak with my client and see if we can post it to her website. Then if any of you are still interested, you can go there and take a look. At this point I'm not sure when it will be posted, we're in the middle of an ice storm and many people are without power.

    That way no one's privacy is violated or any boundaries have been crossed.

    So when it gets posted, I'll post the address here.

    A very big heartfelt thanks to all of you - your insight, your encouragement, and most of all your concerns.

    As soon as our city is up and running again - we'll do our best to get the report posted as quickly as we can.

    Many blessings to each of you

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    Have you done you article on your computer??? If so highlight the article then go to file and copy (ctrl c) then come here and go to file and paste (ctrl v) That will put the article here for us to read...I'm interested is reading it.