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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by agnesgo, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. agnesgo

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    Hi everyone,i live in plymouth and love to make some friends in devon and cornwall,i'm 41,got chronic fatigue and love art and writting and have lots of interests,and love to chat about most things all my love joanne 41
  2. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I'm not from the places you mentioned,but thought I'd say hello anyway.And welcome to the board!!Sorry to hear yet another person has this DD (darn disease).
    I live in northern Illinois. I'm 46 yrs. old. Check out my profile.
    The people here are very friendly and informative.So don't hesitate to jump in anywhere.There is a chat room, check it out.
    I'm not totally awake yet,but I'm sure others will join in to say hello.
  3. agnesgo

    agnesgo New Member

    Thankyou for your lovely message,i have read your profile and wish you all the very best,You have something i havent a supportive family,i have no support at the moment,my interesta are art,art history,writting books and like to talk about most things,would love to hear from u again,i do like going in the chat rooms,i dont work so if u state a time we can meet up and chat,all my love joanne
  4. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that you have no support.It is very hard to deal with on your own.But you came to the right place!! If you have questions,go ahead and ask,put it out there,you'll get a response.If ya need to vent,we are here for you too.We all need to vent,it's healthy for everyone!
    I never know for sure when I'll be on the board,usually a daily bases,once or twice,depends on how I'm feeling and what is going on.I don't go on the chat,I tried it once,it moves to fast for me,I can't type that fast and keep up.
    What kind of art do you do? Wish I was that talented! I crochet blankets and pot holders for my family and friends.They seem to like them,and it gives me something to do.Besides housework! My dad makes picture frames,so I have him do it for my puzzles and give some for xmas presents.
    So where is plymouth? What state? Do you have children? Married?
    I have 2 daughters,28 & 25.4 granchildren,2 boys and 2 girls. I live with my boyfriend of 4 yrs. Been married 4 times,have no desire to do it again!! HUgs, Robin

  5. SerenityPheonix

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    I have no support in the physical sense but i do spend most of my sleepless nights in the chat rooms. I'm bi-polar with anxiety/panic disorder as well as recently dx with fibromyalgia.

    I have sleepless nights often due to the fibro and have made many 'online friends' in the chat rooms. It helps to just be talking with othewrs with like conditions. You should come in and check us out sometime. There are many rooms ,but the ones that seems to stay the busiest are depression and fibro. Hope to see you in there sometime.
  6. agnesgo

    agnesgo New Member

    Hi Serenity,
    Thankyou again, i will be there,i intend to make good use of the chat rooms,and will very much look forward to chatting with you,i really appreciate your message and warmth in welcoming me to the site it means alot to me,so really looking forward to meeting you in the chat room all my love joanne xx
  7. quanked

    quanked Member

    is on this message board. I have learned more about FM/cfs here and I cannot tell you how much of a comfort this place in cyber space has been to me.

    Welcome to this board. The chat rooms are fast and confusing to me. I enjoy the energy level of the fibro chat room. They are a hoot in there.

    My cfs keeps me pretty isolated because I am often tired and suffer with lots of mind fog.

    The places you mention make me think of the UK. Is this where you are at? I am a USAian. I live on the west coast in the state called Oregon. It is a beautiful state.

    I hope you find some of what you need here. Again, welcome.
  8. razmekj

    razmekj New Member

    Hi, I live in Lincoln Park (near Detroit) and would also love to make some friends on line. I'm 54 and have had fibro since I was in my mid twenties. The best information on line seems to be on this site. Maybe we could set up a day and time to try.

    It's been so lond i've tried almost everything, so i do havve some good info to share and am really open to other things people have tried.

    Mostly i need to talk to folks like me.

  9. agnesgo

    agnesgo New Member

    Thankyou for your lovely email,i would love to keep in contact,however you choose.I dont work,so we can meet up in the chat room,i live in england,plymouth.So not to far if we want to meet up lol.You tell me when your available and i will do my best to get into the chat room at that time(if we keep the communication up there shouldnt be a problem)other than that we can email each other. all my love joanne
  10. agnesgo

    agnesgo New Member

    Hi Ruanked,
    Thankyou for your lovely email,i will see you in the chat hopefully and look forward to it all my love joanne
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is called the Chit Chat board. It's not live chat; the format is the same as this. It is the place to discuss topics other than our illnesses. People there are great. They discuss TV shows, books, recipes, diets, pets, etc.

    Just click on message boards in the strip above and click on Chit Chat. You get back here the same way.

    Love, Mikie
  12. agnesgo

    agnesgo New Member

    Thankyou Mikie all my joanne(stay it touch)