Would love to meet some new fibro friends !

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    Hi all !
    I am new to this board but not to the fibromyalgia I was told I had fibro a year ago and I said fibro what? I was feeling tired all the time seriously depressed shaky dizzy and just half out in a far away world with unbearable aches , pains and migraines.They ran so many test on me I felt like a pin cushion.Mri'S EMG' catscans blood work x-rays and whatever else they could think of and finally they came up with FMS.I have done all the research I can and talked to alot of people in the area who have it but no matter who you talk to you still feel alone at times.I have 3 small children 2,4,6 and they are quite a challenge sometimes since hubby works 12hrs aday.Does anyone else have problems getting your spouse and family to understand how you are feeling I dont think my husband really understands me or ever will and that is very troublesome to me because I really need his support and of course I dont expect the kids to understand.I have some good days and some really bad days the weather plays alot in how I feel I feel like I could be a weather forcaster because I kow when bad weather is coming by how I feel.My major problem is the fibrofog I do some really weird stuff and cant remember what I did 5 min ago I have this thing with the stove I cant ever shut it off when I am done cooking my husband always goes in and checks when I am done cooking so I dont burn the house down opps ! Well sorry to be so winded but will be looking forward to hearing from some of you.
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    You've come to the right place. You will find a lot of good people here. And yes, everything you said makes sense. Weird things happen when you have FMS.

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    Glad you've found us!This board has helped me so much!Others will share what works for them,and help you out if you have a question on something. Sounds like you have your hands full!!3 little ones! Close in ages too~
    I've had FM for about 10 years,I'm 39 and have children too,but mine are out of the baby age.They can still be a handful thou-more so on my bad days.Which is all to often!!
    (the boys are 6,10 and 21) I don't think anyone who does'nt experience these diseases can really know how we feel.Its hard to imagine~ My worst symptoms are,aches/pain,fog and fatique. I have IBS too and thats a challenge at times! I have recently started on Magnesium and malic acid.....hopefully it'll help some with the pain and fatigue.(alot of the members here say it helps)
    Again welcome and I hope to hear more of you~
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    Welcome! People here are very friendly and helpful. You'll find a lot of people who know a lot about all aspects of this DD (more or less "Darned Disease").

    As to spouses not understanding, there is no way they can fully understand. They don't experience what we experience. They cannot comprehend that we are thinking of our DD every hour - nay, every ten minutes, or however you personally experience it. They can get closer to understanding it, though. (If my husband had not had a painful accident several years ago, he would be insufferable in his non-understanding! But the accident gave him some perspective.) Just work with him. The children need their dad and you need your husband (unless, of course - speaking to those whose spouses could not be abided - the situation was to become intolerable. I'm not getting that message from you, though.).

    Kids CAN understand to some degree. My mother had a terrible stroke in her twenties that nearly killed her. She never came close to a full recovery and died in her mid-thirties. I was eleven years old and expected to do some very unpleasant nursing. While I would not recommend for eleven-year-olds to have to help their mothers into and out of bathtubs and onto and off of toilets or to brush their mother's false teeth, I survived it. I did understand that she needed some help, but of course I did better with offering her help across a curb or up a stair. We children did not understand fully, but we certainly did understand that she could not do all that we wish she could. We were resentful, like any children, when she needed us to beat the cake batter, but again, we did understand that she could not do it.

    Also, I am a teacher and my fourth-grade students know I have fibromyalgia and that it sometimes causes me to say what I don't mean (word substitutions), make mistakes in figuring math problems, and not remember their names. In a post yesterday, I related how I've even reverted to calling many of them, "YOU," i.e. "Who can tell me how to do this problem," (hands go up), Teacher pointing to student, "You," Student, "Me?" Teacher: "Yes, you." It helps me deal with them if they know something about my difficulties. They can be very understanding even while they often may be resentful or irritated.

    Anyway, welcome to this board. We are happy to have you.
    WE understand! And that's what we're here for.

    Soft hugs,
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    Hi fibrofogqueen, welcome to the board,

    Very apt name too....

    Do you know that your condition is caused by a Mycoplasma bacteria, and is usually treated with antibiotics? Have you had any at all?

    My daughter has had CFS for 4 yrs and the brain fog is just incredibly frustrating... Not to mention the fatigue, which is worse for you with three demanding children.

    10 wks ago I gave her a month on "Olive Leaf Extract".
    and she has improved dramatically. It is a natural antibiotic, and the fog has improved a lot.

    It`s definately worth a try, not expensive but would be a good idea to take Vitamin & Mineral supplements along with Magnesium that has calcium & Zinc in, & Vit C, these give the the immune system some ammunition. Drink as much water as you can too. Eggs are great.

    Try and stay off the processed foods, this stuff is contributory to being ill in the first place.

    If you want to know more please ask.

    Wishing you better


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    Hi!! This is my first time talking to someone in a similar situation regarding health, family, ect. I'm excited to be able to share my struggles and victories with people who can truely understand me!!! I was recently diagnosed with FMS after 4 yrs. of struggles with other syndromes. I have IBS, IC,CFS as well. I have been a complete mess since my first pregnancy. I now have 2 kids... a 3 1/2 yr old girl, and an 11 mos. old boy. My problems have been extremely intensified by my childrens medical problems. Right now it's my baby who is the worst, suffering from a multitude of things from intestinal problems to IgG(missing gammaglobulin in the blood-basically a failing immune system). I live at the Dr.'s for them as well as myself. I feel horrible everyday and have to bury it so I can take care of my family. It SUCKS!!! I am always so tired and in a constant state of fibrofog!!! My husband has just about had it with me!!! It's so hard on him, but I can't help but be frustrated with him and his lack of understanding just how much I suffer. That's why I'm so happy to have found this place and all of you fibro friends!!
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    Hi, i have been diagnosed with Fibro for 4 years now. I have four children ages 19, 9, 8 and 5. It is hard when your going through flares and trying to take care of little ones. My husband is a farmer and usually doesn't come in till supper and sometimes after the kids are in bed. My kids understand that when i am grouchy that i don't feel well (once again) but somethings you just have to let go of. I buy paper plates for the kids to eat of off when i am down. I stock up on lots of things they can prepare themselves in the microwave when i am really down. I know this isn't really healthy eating but its only for a short time hopefully. No one really understands how u feel. My husband is really understanding but more so i think he has developed some arthritis this winter. So that makes him understand some of the pain. JUST HANG IN THERE!
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    Hello! I would love to meet new friends too! It gets pretty lonely when you have no one around who has this illness. Other people just can't understand (I can't either). I hope to talk to you soon, Michele
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    You've hit upon a gold mine! I found this place several months ago shortly before I was formally diagnosed. I was pretty sure of what I had but needed the doc to confirm. The people here are fantastic. So knowledgable and so understanding. I don't have small children so I can't imagine how taxing it must be to keep up with them on your bad days. Gosh, all I have to take care of is hubby (although some days that's like 6 kids) 6 cats and a cockatiel!. I can relate about not having your family understand about this DD though. Ronnie always says he understands but you can tell from his expressions that he really doesn't but at least he's trying. My kids and my mom don't have a clue and don't seem the least bit interested in learning. But we're here! Anytime you need shoulders to cry on or someone to vent to, just come on by! Someone is always here for you. And with so many folks here that are in different stages of the disease and treatment you can get some great advice. So never any reason to feel alone!!

    (1 of the)Annette(s)
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    One of the things that I reccommend is that you purchase a few books on Fibro and show them to your husband. I have been diagnosed since '95 by a rheumatologist at Georgetown University and when I met my husband in '98, I made him read all the books on CFS/Fibro so he could understand what I go through. Men seem to understand better by reading information then having it spoke to them. I know this is a generalization but that seems to be the case a lot of the time. Hope this helps:) We need all the support we can get!
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    i to know all about the fog ive had it for 3 years i also have 5 children ages 19 17 14 9 4 also a grandson aged 1 yes it is hard lookin after them all but they get used to me havin a bad day they all try 2 help out but i feel really guilty as i should be looking after them my 4 year old one has never really know any diffrent theres not a day goes buy that she says or does something funny no matter how bad i feel she helps to lift my fog shes my ray of sunshine and if you can laugh and smile it makes you feel a bit better look forward to hearing from you
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    Just glanced at your profile and see that you live in Loudonville, Ohio. I live in Elyria, Ohio, not far from you. Our family makes the long drive down to Loudonville several times during the summer to canoe. It's beautiful country down there! ~~ You will love this Message Board. I have learned so much from everyone who posts here. Did you know that Dr. Mark Pellegrino has his practise in Canton, Ohio? He is a very well know FM specialist and has written many books on the subject. You may want to consider making an appointment with him. He is listed here on this web site under Doctor Referal.

    Good Luck to You and God Bless,
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    Hi, You'll always have a friend on this site. Welcome, keep coming back. Somedays if it weren't for this site, i don't know how i'd manange. ((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))) Reg
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    This seems to be common among many married women with fibro...a husband who does not understand. When I was first dx., I went to the net and printed out info for my husband to read. Your husband should see the pain you are in, especially trying to care for three children so young. How you do it, I cannot imagine and can only think just how exhausted you must be everyday. I wish you luck but think in time your husband will come around. He should help you as much as he can. Mine certainly does. Makes like so much easier. Toots
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    I am so glad to have some replys tonight I am just so tired and hurting along with weak I have just given up the fight for now I dont have the energy to fight for myself after taking care of the kids all day and hubby when he gets home.I really appreciate all the great support and hopefully new friends I am making and anyone feel free to e-mail me if you ever need to talk the computer has become my best friend since I cant keep up with any of my friends I have seem to lose them all.Lets just hope one day they come up with a miracle drug for this DD boy would that be the day well have to run but just wanted to let you all know I would love to be there for you all as you have done for me and keep your heads up Mokkev95@wmconnect.com