would really like to know about Ashok Gupta

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  1. luvdogs

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    NOone answered my previous post. I'm not trying to sell anything or start a controversy. I'd just like to know what your experience was with Amygdala retrainingl--positive or negative? Otherwise I'd be spending $190 without making an informed decision. By the way, there's an article about him on the home page (or there was), so I don't think you'll get into trouble if you answer me. And yes I did a search, but I didn't get much helpful info. If you've finished the training, how did you do?
  2. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    Thank you. That was valuable information, and well-expressed. I'm thinking twice about getting the program now. I'd like to hear from others though. Thanks again.
  3. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    I'm still confused though. For one thing, it took me FOREVER to read through all those posts, and I finally gave up. Noone seemed to agree, and there certainly was some bickering (though not severe). What I'd really like to know is how the people who were doing the programme back then feel about it now, or even six months to a year from now.
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    I was very interested in this program in the beginning. I wrote to Dr Lapp in North Carolina about it and he said that this is not a cure. The purpose of it is to help us cope with the illness. I also took the information to my internist and he agreed. I am going to a therapist and I feel that she is helping me as much or possibly more than the program would. I hope this helps you in making your decision. I'm not telling you not to do it. If you think it could help you cope it may be worth it. But as for us getting completely well I think that's a long way off. Maybe not in our lifetime. I was pretty disappointed when I got these answers and it took me a couple of weeks to get back to trying to stay positive again. We work so hard searching for anything to get better don't we. A sad situation we're all in for sure.
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    I completely agree with what CFS since 1998 said if this helps you decide.
  6. luvdogs

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    If it helps to cope, I might still try it, but I'll check out the free u tube stuff first. To me, it kind of sounds like he's trying to make money any way he can, but if it helps some, it's worth a try. Like I said, I'll try the free stuff first and see what I think. Thanks
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    Hi. I thought you might be interested in joining us this Friday for a live chat with Ashok Gupta. He will be answering questions about the program.

    THIS FRIDAY, JULY 10 at 12 Noon California Time - Live Chat with Ashok Gupta, Developer of the Amygdala Retraining Program for Symptoms of ME/CFS and Related Illnesses

    Join the Q&A at 12 noon PST (3 pm EST, 8 pm London time) in ProHealth’s Community Chat Room. Ask Ashok about the techniques he teaches to improve symptoms by “retraining” a hyper-reactive autonomic nervous system, results so far, and research plans.

    More Information: www.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=14508
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    i've been considering trying the program but not sure if i really want to invest the $ in it, but lately the more i think about it the less i think i have to lose.. ok so MAYBE it won't cure me, who knows, but if it will help with SOME relief then i guess why isn't it worth it to try it? And there absolutely are stories about people who do recover using the gupta program, i just think everyone is different and you truly won't know unless you try it for yourself.. also, if you really aren't satisfied you can get your refund back 100%, so why not?

    i just also can't stand how everyone is always so critical about every treatment that comes out, cfs is clearly something that takes a LOT of guesses, research, and trials and errors, but maybe ashoks treatment does work for some, bc i do know he has had great success, but if he really wanted to make a buck off of everyone why would he even consider giving a refund if he thought that many people would be unsatisifed? He would end up making no money. and let's be honest, everyone here who has had and/or has CFS, deserves to make a few dollars if they can find a way to treat this insane illness... just my thoughts.

    good luck :)
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    Here is a belated response. I have read many negative reactions to Ashok Gupta and his program on ProHealth. After reading LUVDOGS story I felt compelled to say something which will be a fair and truthful assessment of this program since I have tried it for six months, and therefore can offer some hope for recovery.
    Firstly, Ashok never gives medical advice. Secondly, unlike almost all other practitioners from all fields of healthcare, he offers a full refund. Thirdly, to anyone who has had CFS or Fibromyalgia for any significant length of time, and here I would suggest over three years, they will be able to see the truth in what Ashok says about what is actually happening in the body, and why the adrenaline cycle (plus others) is constantly activated by the hyper aroused amygdala, therefore causing all manner of symptoms.

    The program isn't a quick, easy fix, but demands dedication, meaning: one listens carefully to what Ashok says, allows the time to carry out the various retraining methods every day, and gives the program their fullest attention for six months.

    After being ill for thirty five years and trying many different things, I feel qualified to make this testimony: Ashok's program has worked well for me. It also helps with other illnesses and conditions and these are: Asthma, Bronchitis, Arrhythmia of the heart, Panic attacks, and all pains and tensions related to CFS and Fibromyalgia. All these conditions I personally have had, except for Asthma, which my husband has, and he found much relief via doing the program. We both sleep considerably better now.

    I cannot, at this time, say this is a cure, but it helps a lot. Possibly under the right conditions it would erase these illnesses completely. But for now there has been nothing that comes close to Ashok's program for me. The medical profession had nothing of value to offer me, just constant rounds of trying things, things which had a negative effect and cost a fortune. For the past twenty years I have been helping myself and getting better results than any doctor or medicine ever gave me.

    Give it a go. What indeed have you got to lose? $40? That's nothing compared to the thousands you're losing not being able to work.

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