would steroid pills help trapped nerve in cervical spine?

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    5 years ago I had MRI etc that determined spinal stenosis of c4,5,6. I could not use my right arm, pain radiated from spine , down shoulder and into back of upper arm.

    No problem until now and it is back. I hesitate to see MD as last time it was PT, specialists, surgery suggested and finally it got better on it's own. PT made it much worse and by the time I got an appointment with a specialist 10 weeks had passed and it was better.

    Hoping for a short cut this time and wondering if steriod pills would reduce that swelling, the nerve must again be trapped in an extremely narrowed place.

    I am using hot tub massage, and alternating cold packs and heat. I get some pain relief when the arm is propped or in bed, but any dangling and walking pain shoots to an 8.

    I should add I avoid MD's as any time I have sought help things got worse, in any forms of problems.