Would this upset you or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doxygirl, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

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    I had to go to the bank today and since I was very close to a brand new branch they just opened I decided to go there for my banking today!

    I get in after going through a new weapons checkpoint where you enter one door and are scanned for weapons ...once you are clear the door ahead of you turns green and "then" you can go into the bank.....

    once I passed the "weapons checkpoint" and entered the bank I had to stand in longggg line.....I mean here is is a brand new bank and they had TWO tellers!!!!!!!!

    So I waited for over 15 minutes ( while in the meantime I noticed other bank employee's twiddling their thumbs ) they had nothing to do ...but do you think they could open up another help line.......... NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    So...I admit I was already a little upset to begin with!

    They have this new branch set up like a verizon phone store where there are little teller stands all over and when one is done they call you over to do your banking....

    there is no more tellers all lined up behind one long desk...at least in this branch!

    So.....FINALLY I get called to get my banking taken care of and the girl tells me once Iam done with my process if Iam getting any money back I have to go to another area and punch in numbers from my receipt!

    Well.....unfortunately for me I have to do things a few times to understand THANKS TO DD AND THE COGNITIVE ISSUES IT CAUSES ME....

    So as I was trying to ask the girl to assist me to the next area to get my change...a little girl around 9 or 10 comes up ..interrupts us and says " I have to go to the bathroom"..so the teller tells her ok I will be with you in just a minute or two....

    so we start walking over to the area for the teller to show me...and the little girl once again interrupts and says " I have to go to the bathroom"....

    I could see that the reason I was getting irritated was #1 I was trying to do my banking and had waited my turn...and # 2 where were this little girls parents that she had to keep interrupiting my banking?

    It really did not appear that she had to go to the bathroom very badly but more of an attention thing......because she was kind of laughing and I could tell she thought it was funny!

    BUT it was NOT funny to me at all!

    The teller basically eplained to me so quickly that I still do not know how to do the machine...she was more interested in taking the little girl to the bathroom that helping me after I had waited my turn and it was NOT a short wait

    I know little kids will be little kids....but it is the parents Iam upset with.....I mean "WHERE WERE THEY"?

    This is exactly why little children get kidnapped and hurt because parents do not watch them..and then to have the bank employee disregard my needs to take someone elses child to the bathroom????

    I am taking a new medication and I feel it is definately making me into a person that is NOT me!

    Iam very irritable and even feel kind of mean.....I have NEVER been like this so that is bothering me also....

    I am not trying to make excuses because I still think the situation at the bank was inappropriate....

    Would this upset you..........

    I could see it if the restrooms were hidden from the customers or if they needed a key to get it.....but this clearly was not the case........

    Thanks for listening to me vent.....Iam afraid Iam turning into a big fat CRAB lady:(

  2. Rosiebud

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    yes it certainly would upset me, in fact I would probably have asked the wee girl where her parents were and asked them to take care of her toilet needs. As you say, no kids should be wandering ANYWHERE on their own.

    So I am probably a bigger fatter Crabbier lady than you!! I am fed up with the attitudes of people in shops over here,UK, many act like you're invisible and don't even say thanks.

    The teller should have seen to you first.

    So dont beat yourself up about it. Hopefully your new meds will settle but if not and your feeling like you're walking a tight rope then maybe you need to change them.

  3. fibromickster

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    You are right, this post doesn't sound like you at all. But that is okay, we all have to vent once in awhile.

    I am a mother of 2 girls and never in a million years would my kids have done something like that.

    You are right, where were her parents. That was totally uncalled for. If I was the teller, the first thing i would have told her was to go get her parents and they can take you to the bathroom.

    Anyway, hopefully you won't have to be on that medication too long. I remember once I was on a medication to get rid of a tumor that was on my ovary and it made me like that too. I would cry at anything, snap at everyone and be so up and down. As soon as I got off the medication, it all went away.

    What kind of medicine is it anyway, if you want to say.
  4. sorekitty

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    I find the bank irritating too. For the same reason. Huge line a couple tellers and the others just sitting around appearing to do nothing! They look up at the line and then go back to doing nothing. GRRRRR. Yes, I would have been ticked!

    As far as the child I can totally see how the teller should have referred them back to their parent.

    You are so funny. My dh calls me "crabcake" when this dd gets me irritable.

    Hope the meds get better for you.


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  5. rockgor

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    would annoy me, Doxy. Of course almost everything about the modern world annoys me.

    Here in Los Angeles, the simplest errand is a problem.

    Starting with traffic, parking problems, language problems, crowds, beggers, etc. A routine business transaction often feels more like a mugging.

    My bank had a big poster on the wall last month. "YOU make the rules."

    So I am waiting in the line where I always wait to deposit my SS check and get some cash back. A bank employee comes up and tells me I am in the wrong line.

    So I told her I was making the rules. We had a few words. I refused to budge. Other customers were cheering me on. It's all so stupid and so unnecessary.

    The bank (WaMu) probably spends a million a week on advertising. Why drive customers away once you have them hooked?


  6. Danille

    Danille New Member

    Doxygirl, It makes me nuts how different banks are becoming. Branch by branch they are getting weirder and weirder.

    Rock, I bank at wamu too and some branches would give you personalized checks and a branch down the street will only let you have the basic blue. I just want them for the deposit slips but I liked the pretty checks I got at the other branch. Last time it came in a bag and I had to assemble the box myself.

    I'm very new here. You all seem like a lot of fun. I hope to get to know each and every one of you.

    from the very cold Pacific Northwest,
  7. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    this would have made me temporarily insane.

    Sometimes, banks and related businesses think they're keeping up with trends and improving things by complicating processes. They need to know they couldn't be more wrong. And Doxy, my friend, you may be just the gal to make this branch manager 'consciously aware' of the 'lack of flow' in their branch. Honestly, my new firm policy is, very politely, I speak to the manager and tell them, as their consumer, I feel I have a responsibility to inform them of the shortcomings in their service. Believe me, they should appreciate what you have to say, and you will feel better voicing your opinion. I recently spoke to the manager of a brand new supermarket that opened close to my house--within a two week period I had gotten moldy pre-packaged cheese (twice) and rotten meat (once), so I felt I had no choice but to complain. He was very receptive to every thing I had to say and was eager to make it right. So they do want to hear from their (well-spoken) dissatisfied customers.

    BTW, I worked my way through college as a part-time teller in a very large savings bank. Sometimes, the supervisor would close a couple of the windows and, inevitably, the line would build up. He would have one of us re-open, and was smart enough to tell the rest of us to make ourselves scarce--go in the back and do some work. He knew it would only anger the customers to see us standing around talking.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You crack me up. That is all I have to say. Thanks for the afternoon laugh. I am serious I am laughing at work so loud right now and everyone is wondering why.

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I had to read this thread since I am fast becoming Monster Grandzilla. Hear me roar.

    First of all, I would have been annoyed waaaaay before the little girl was added to the mix. Give me the old-fashion teller windows with people waiting to assist.

    Yet, had this been me, I would have to tell myself that compared to, say, living in Kabul, this ranks pretty low in situational angst.

    What I'd do is I'd go to a "regular bank".

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the chit chat board. Lots of nice people here to talk to. Some are funny; some are goofy; some are pluto.

    I am a Scandahoovian too. Born in Decorah, Iowa, the home of the Vesterheim Mueseum. I used to belong to the Sons of Norway till they got rid of me.

    Have you been to the wonderful Scandinavian mueseum in Seattle?


  11. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    It is like making a phone call and you are asked to enter so many things and you still do not get through.

    Last night I went to a grocery store, late in the evening. I have been wanting to go for over a week. Just did not feel well. I thought well there will not be too many in store and it will be more relaxing. I took my time and enjoyed looking at various products and bought quite a bit.I also used there electric cart. No way that I can walk in this super store.

    I get to the cashier section to check out and no lanes was open. Was minutes before. I saw one clerk and asked about it and she pointed me to the self check out lanes. When I asked about the regular lanes, she stated that it is now 10:30 PM and the cashier had just left her station to go home. She then got busy as other begin using the self check out lanes and she was in charge of them.

    I said, Ma'm, I can not do that. I felt so uncomfortable and helpless and I felt so useless. I rarely feel this way.
    So she said she would help me, and I said I can not do it at all. (I did not say that if I did, I would not have energy left to take groceries into the house and put them away then). I originally felt good to take care of getting groceries and felt independent.

    So she called a male bagger to the front and as she scanned and bagged, he put the bags into a cart. She had asked him to scan and bag but he said he did not know how.......(to scan).

    Meanwhile she is keeping an eye on the people in the self service lanes and taking care of them. The bagger took my groceries out to my car. I wanted that also as it is unsafe to be occupied in unloading a cart to your car in a near empty lot. I've had 2 incidents with boys trying to snatch my purse in their lot.

    She was nice, and I could tell though she felt over whelmed.
    It was not her fault that the managment has changed this. But I still felt bad and I thought that this was not fair to me.

    Also as S-Elaine said, use the disability "card" (verbally tell them), I do when I have to. Otherwise I would have to stay home and vegetate. Not good for us. But I still do not go much.

    There is one store in town that always takes your groceries out and such. Other Fibro people appreciate not being put into the position of having to ask for help. But they were closed, as their hrs. are shorter.
    You brought up a good subject and we need to spread the word on not assuming everyone is healthy and have time to do some of the work at the bank, grocery, etc.

    Doxy.......I think the manager of the bank needs talked to and do not forget to add the child incident.
  12. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    And I have zero patience, so I'd be really mad, too. Both banks and stores never have enough people at the registers. It drives me crazy. You go to a store and it's just the same thing. You'll see like half a dozen employees doing nothing important and they won't open up another register. And even if you do get one to open up, it's usually with an attitude. Like they actually act disgusted that they have to work the register.

    As far as kids go, I have no patience. I don't belong around kids, seriously. And I hate all parents that don't watch their kids. If something happens to their kids, it's totally their fault for leaving them alone.
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    All of it would upset me and I am pretty calm. So don't go there again.

    Plus, even when we have had to be in a bank ages doing mortgages etc, there are NEVER any customer bathrooms-is this a safety thing?