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    A big round of applause for all of you for your wonderful responses, love, and support!!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Well, there has been an amazing turnout of people who are interested in sharing their stories for my book. So, I have decided to alter my original idea for it. I will be writing exclusively about FMS/CFS/Chronic Pain sufferers. After doing extensive research, I have found that there really are no books about this! Yes, there are books written by doctors who share stories about their patients. I would like to have this focused primarily on US!

    It was going to be about a broad range FMS sufferers who have been through amazing experiences in their lives, and how they can influence others. But I feel that we need something like this.

    I have changed to a different e-mail account so that I can have one just for FMS stuff, and one for other various e-mails. So, if you would like to contribute, please write me at :

    Many have asked me to be more specific on what I am looking for. I want you to write AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. You will be completely anonymous. So, don't hold anything back! Don't worry about venting, just get it ALL OUT!!!! I want to know when this all started, what your experiences were with the medical profession, treatments, how it has affected your relationships, your careers, your finances. How it has gotten better or worse over the years, what your outlook is for the future, what you have done to make a difference, or wish that you could do, etc, etc, etc. Whatever you want to share.

    I am so excited about this project. I just know that this is what I am "supposed to do". It just feels so right. It is just flying away. It is going to be wonderful!!!

    On Monday, I am going to talk to the producer of the local newschannel here about scheduling an on camera interview. There have been some very helpful recommendations from many of you on what I should talk about. I will keep you all up to date on when it will be, what I will be saying, etc.

    Someone mentioned in one of my other posts that talking about Chronic Pain would be a really good way to get peoples attention on this subject. I couldn't agree more. The names Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are horrible names. If we can focus more so on the symptoms and disorders instead of the names, we might be able to get more of a response from everyone. Great idea!

    Well, just wanted to drop a line. I will write a little, as much as possible, to let you know the status of everything. I hope to hear from more of you soon. The more people the better! We are going to blow everyone away with our message. And I am going to fight to make sure that we are HEARD!!!!!!!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love,
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    I just got caught up a bit on all you are doing. Your enthusiasum is contagious :)
    I'll think about what I would like to say about this DD and me, and send it to you to see what you think.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be heard. It feels good to know someone wants to listen!
    Keep it up!!!
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    I think that you are absolutly right about writing about men as well. I do not want to discriminate! If you are a man, I would definatly like to hear your stories too!! As many as possible from every age, sex, etc!!!! The more the better!!

    I hope to hear from you all!!!!!

    Lots of Love,
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    BUMP to reruit more people to share their stories for my book! I need more of you! You could help others simply by telling what you have been through! I hope to hear from more of you MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL AGES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love.
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    I'll write mine this evening~ you can take parts of what I write if you want or whatever!! I'm behind you 100% !! I think what your doing is awsome! I'm gonna try to condense it some. Talk soon:)
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    I'm so glad to hear it girls!! Come on people, I need more volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm trying to get the get go on mine kathryn! I've been feeling extra yukky the last 2 days~ I will get to it I promise~ Talk soon :)
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    I am soooooooooooo glad that more of you decided to be a part of this! The more the better! There is no real time limit on this all. Basically I think its going to take me about 6 months or so to write. I cannot overexert myself either. If its easier for you, you can also write a little bit at a time.

    Tadpole, don't worry, I am ready for everything. I'm here to listen to all of the "sob stories" Everyone of us has one. This disease is so horrible and we have all been through so much crap because of it!!! Don't worry, any of you!

    I am definatly going to get ahold of Jellybelly! What a great idea! In my fibrofog state, I forgot who had collected all of our stories so long ago. Thanks! That will help me alot!!

    I hope to hear from more of you soon! Thanks again for all of the support! It was you all that got me going in the first plac, and now its you all that are keeping me motivated!!! Thanks!!!

    Lots of Love,
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    i wanna...LOL. i am dropping a short note as i feel like s$#@t today. i agree w/the name thing. i am starting a support group here at the end of september, and it's thru the american chronic pain assn. i think since the pain is the major symptom, that is where i would start by contacting.....will tell more later.

    so couldn't agree more. however,,,,,dum da de dummmm, :)
    since fm is my disease and there is no cure or origin....the group i am attending on the 21 of aug in auburn down the road, will give me advocacy ideas. i/we are trying to come up w/something "new" for the natl fm awareness day in may 04. something to get media attn. not a walk, run,...we will be brainstorming.

    i think i should post something to get some ideas
    love to you and way to go
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    I dont know how well it will be but I will try. does it have to be a certain number of words or anything? I tend to be long winded. lol. love and hugs melody (pegasis)oh yeah, will you also email to let us know who all storys you will be using in the book when it is all said and done? i think that anyone whos story you use will definitely want a copy to show there familys. i want one regardless. lol am going to force hubby to read it lol. oh and i dont know about others, but i would not mind my name being used in the book. doesnt it make people more real when you know that persons real name? and no i am not saying that i am going to be used just that hypothetically, i always identify more when the poeple in the book use there real names. other wise i feel as though the people are trying to hide something or are ashamed. just a thought for you. love and hugs, melody
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    HI Kathryn,
    I'm Cindy Green from Ohio,, I'm Presantly at my daughters house waiting the Arrivail , Of my first Granchild , Have to go back to Ohio Fri,,,,,Drop off my 9& 10 yr old's And Wait For the CALL""""
    AnyWay just wanted to say , I will send you everything abought this DD & its Effect"s On My life And that of All The Pain It;s Had,, In my life and what my oldest daughter has went throw of yr's of Not Knowing What The Reson was,, All of It ,
    I Praise the Lord Above for Somone As you ,
    God Bless
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    YES YES YES!!!!! I encourage all of the men towrite me too!! I am trying to get a broad range of people in my book. So, I hope to hear from everyone!!

  15. atrinigyal29

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    What a great idea!! I will send you my story regarding this DD. It may take me some time to get my thoughts together (brain fog and all) but you will be hearing from me.
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    Yay! I'm glad to hear that you are interested. Can you please e-mail to me so that I can have your e-mail address? I will be contacting everyone from time to time to give them updates and whatnot. I hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hi Kathryn, how do we communicate to you? Can you post a email address?

    I'm a man too and I have CFS big time. My story might be of interest.

    regards, -Reallytired
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    I'm so glad that you are interested! I have my e-mail address all over the place and in my profile, but so you have it, it is:

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!

    Take care,
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    Bumped per Mikie's request to put the original post up!
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    hi! i would love to send you my story...is it ok to be about what you think you got it from and everything? my situation goes back to when i was ten and is a rather unique situation. will that be alright? let me know and i'll write it up and send it to you if it's ok. thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!! :)